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When we hear a friend tell us that he is going to sell his house, we are not aware of what this step means. What we think straight away is that it’s something incredible and you’re probably going to get good money for the deal.

But when it comes time to sell our home, the situation becomes a bit different. Doubts arise and thoughts like “maybe it’s better to ask for help” or “I do not know if I’m evaluating well”, they begin to appear and persist … A real headache!

All we want is to make a good business, quickly, effectively and clearly, profitable. But we do not know how to do it or what resources we need.

Our friend tells us to look for a real estate, our father says that the best solution is to do the business alone and there are even those who offer help from such an acquaintance who will do the business for us at low cost.
The doubts? They grow, of course. After all, it’s our house, our money, and we do not want to risk it.

This step can be a huge challenge and may even become much more costly than it should if poorly calculated and planned.

Bureaucracies, taxes, ads, telephone negotiations, visits … an endless number of things that end up making our lives a lot more complicated than we would like.

The objective is to sell the house without complications, without wasting time, at a fair price and quickly, to be able to start a new life.

The good news I have to give you is that with Domozo your problems are over even before you start!

With a team of expert and qualified professionals, this new real estate company will accompany you in every step of the process of selling your home from start to finish.
With a highly innovative service, the sale of your home will not only help you save thousands of euros, but it will also take a weight off your shoulders.

I also found it incredible how, something that seemed so complicated initially (and annoying!), Was after all much simpler.

Domozo designed a new sales process to think only and exclusively in their interests.

24/7 telephone support and an online platform where you can easily navigate, view and control the entire sale process of your property.

And the best of all? They do not charge the traditional commissions on the value of the sale of your property. The sale price for Domozo will be fixed and your savings also!

By making this investment, you will not have to worry about anything. The team deals with everything for you.

The process consists of 6 simple steps. In step 1, go along with the team of experts, create an ad that will give the highlight that your property needs. Step 2 is the so-called ‘moment of truth’, where the value of your property is carefully analyzed and defined. When we get to the middle of the process, to step 3, it’s time to decide on the best place to advertise your property, to achieve the best results. Step 4 is the stage I like the most, I confess. It is enough that we say what the time that suits us and the Domozo deals with the contacts and the scheduling of visits by us. In the penultimate stage, the 5, the experts deal with the negotiation, ensuring that we get the best deal possible. And last but not least, of course, there is the long-awaited closing of the negotiation. And sure enough, it will be even better than you imagined the day you thought you were going to sell your house.

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