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The birth of a baby is a truly unique moment and decorate his room is one of the most amazing things you can experience in your life. And let’s face it, it’s also one of the biggest challenges, isn’t it?

And if you are expecting two babies at the same time, this enthusiasm will double. And the work, too.


For everything to go smoothly and within the planned (no surprises), it’s necessary to design an interior design project, considering the decor details and the individuality of each of the babies.

Regardless of age, the most important points in the decoration of your child’s room are color, functionality, and comfort.

We leave you 5 essential tips to decorate the room of the twins and some pictures so you can get some inspiration before you get down to business.


1. The Colors of the Room

As we mentioned in an earlier article – which showed you how to decor your child’s bedroom choosing the color palette is one of the most important elements and the first thing to keep in mind.

Whatever the sex of the twins, you should choose the colors you most like the most, always taking into consideration that this space should convey comfort and tranquility.

You can choose neutral tones and play with decorative elements with stronger tones or do the opposite, choosing more vivid colors, using the main tone and decorating with light pieces.

Although the pink and blue classics colors continue to be used frequently, the use of neutral colors is a current trend. And when we speak of neutrals we don’t mean only white or beige. Gray, for example, is an excellent choice.


2. Functionality above all

Taking care of your children is the most important thing you’ll do. So when designing the interior design project for your children’s room, think about the functionality of each element.

Choose furniture with many features. If the space is large, you can place the dresser between the cribs to make it more practical. In this way, the furniture can be used as a changing room and you can change the diaper of one of your children while watching the other.

Whatever the piece of furniture, always think about how it can help you.


3. Comfort is the most important

Worry about comfort first. Once the tones are chosen for the room, think about the variations of these colors. Choose well the colors you used because each one transmits a different energy.

Choose a comfortable chaise lounge or chair to breastfeed your children and don’t save money on baby cribs. Comfort is where you should invest your most time and money.


4. Pay attention to lighting

The lighting is a detail that we insist on speaking because we give it extreme importance, regardless of the interior design project.

Like colors, lighting also conveys (or doesn’t) comfort.

Your baby’s bedroom lighting should be cozy and provide visual comfort.

If possible, use lamps whose intensity of light can be regulated and bet on lamps to ensure indirect lighting in the room.


5. Thematic Rooms

Bet on themed decorative elements for the twins’ bedroom.

By this, we don’t mean that you need to apply a Disney character wallpaper on the wall. But think of a theme as heaven, fairies, animals, princes and princesses, forest, circus … the range of possibilities is infinite.

It’s just a starting point. Think of a single theme and make your decoration thinking about it.


What more tricks do you know about decorating your children’s bedroom? Share with us and encourage us to write more.


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