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Pantone has already unveiled trends for 2017, thus showing 10 trend colors that will help you renovate your home décor. For the coming new year, the dominant colors of Spring and Summer will be:


Niagara 17-4123 (azul)

Primrose Yellow 13-0755 (narciso amarelo)

Lapis Blue 19-4045 (a pedra azul lápis)

Flame 17-1462 (laranja avermelhado)

Island Paradise 14-4620 (azul refrescante)

Pale Dogwood 13-1404 (planta que tem uma flor clara)

Greenery 15-0343 (verdura)

Pink Yarrow 17-2034 (rosa. Planta da Califórnia)

Kale 18-0107 (tipo de couve)

Hazelnut 14-1315 (avelã)

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