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It seems like a little while ago I was screaming “happy new year” while entering 2017, isn’t it? And suddenly, we are almost in the last quarter of the year and ready to write on paper the new resolutions and objectives for the new year that comes. Am I right?

A good way to ensure that the new year brings you all that you want most, is to (re) organize your life, starting with the things you use the most and the spaces where you spend the most time. They say that our home and the way it is – and remains – organized, reflects our state of mind, the way we are and how we feel and where we want to go. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Does it seem possible for you to achieve the successful professional life you so much desire to keep your home in a chaotic and unhurried state? Me neither. In addition, our home is the place chosen for the comfort and recharge of batteries, essential so that our days do not fall short of our dreams.


1. Intellectualism

Books, newspapers and magazines are elements that can easily frame the decor of your space, and that can reveal a lot about you and your tastes. Strategic places to put them can add a special touch to the room.



2. Inspirational Phrases

In recent years, the screens with inspirational phrases and quotes have become a must have. Try it. It gives a modern touch and, at the same time, very elegant.



3. Neutral

Light and neutral tones, soft shaped objects, faint and non-flashy colors, represent a strong trend for the new year.



4. Reality

Use and abuse plants. Taking a look at the real nature reveals the importance and necessity of self-sufficiency, and this will be the motto, not only in the area of decoration, fashion and culture.



5. Wellness and Health

Ways to show the importance given to your health and well-being will be present in the decorations of 2018.



6. Wood

In fact, wood will never cease to be a trend. By 2018, which purports to be the year turned to intellectualism, this will represent pure art.


These are some of the trends for next year.

Do you have any idea what you can do? Have doubts? Share and talk to us.

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