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The beginning of the new year has come and with it the real opportunity to transform the walls of your office, with the new trends.

An environment perfectly designed according to the objectives, tastes, and needs of all elements of the company, is an environment that provides motivation, commitment, and a contagious comfort and well-being. An environment that will surely make your business evolve.

If you want to give life to your business, start from the inside, by the essence of it: the office.

Get inspired by the new office design trends that we have for you today. And even if you don’t want to change, remember that a refresh and a new look is always positive and a great way to start a new and prosperous year.


1. Cement or Micro cement


The cement finishes also reach the offices. In the form of cement or micro cement, this is a new type of flooring that transforms the office into a very elegant space. The micro cement has become one of the most versatile finishes and is used in all types of spaces. It is used on floors, walls, and even furniture. This material offers many advantages as to its durability and maintenance. And at the same time, he gives an industrial and truly sophisticated touch.


2. Color, color, and more color


The black leather chairs on a run-down, monotonous table have long ceased to be the choice of companies when it comes to decorating. Today, it is not only the use of different design pieces in one area (different chairs at one table, for example) but also the use of colored pieces. It is not only the black that conveys elegance and seriousness like it was said for a long time.

Offices are no longer boring and monotonous. They are being transformed into spaces of decoration and where everyone feels comfortable. Forget the pastel and monotonous colors and choose colors that give life to the spaces.


3. Leather seats


It seems that leather is again a trend. If you have chairs or armchairs, leather can be the perfect choice to highlight them and offer some color to the sober environments, where the shades of white, black and wood predominate. Certainly, you will not regret. This is a classic and timeless material that gives a special touch to any space.


4. LEDs


For some years the world of lighting has changed thanks to LED technology. The LED (a light-emitting diode) is a more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting technology. Besides the small size, they are very easy to hide and also to put and change when necessary.

Every day we see them more, both as main lighting and as a decorative feature that helps create effects that were unthinkable for some time. This light is also perfect because it doesn’t cause fatigue and can adapt to the tone we want.


5. Natural woods


Natural woods have once again become a trend. Forget the lacquered “no life” tables. Choose wood tables with marked veins, which immediately bring life to the space, at the same time they warm it up.


6. Transparency


“Transparency” is vital in today’s offices. For this purpose, all types of glass screens are used to aid insulation, which is always of great importance in any interior design project.

In addition to an increase in employee well-being, the visits from partners, suppliers, and customers become warmer as well. Another advantage is the natural light that is always available and that the long and cold walls don’t let pass.

By 2019, even the CEO’s office can be seen by everyone, so that no one feels isolated or separate. The feeling that there are no secrets in the company helps improve the well-being and motivation of employees, making their commitment and results truly superior.


7. Relaxation zones


Large technology companies such as Google or Microsoft have pioneered the importance of leisure and relaxation within companies.


Allowing employees to take a break in their workday encourages them to work harder and better. This idea was installed little by little in the new concept of the company. A dynamic place where there is also room for relaxation and communication between employees.


Fortunately, nowadays we find more and more of these spaces in companies. A living workspace designed for informal work and that can also be a space to relax and unwind. It’s a good way to disconnect and recharge batteries. These spaces can have chairs, couches, comfortable loungers, as well as games, food and a lot of things that provide communication, relaxation, and fun so that employees can return to work with twice the energy motivation.


Are you ready to design your new interior design project for your office and leverage your business? Share with us your ideas.

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