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Summer has come and soon the well-deserved vacation. It is the ideal time to rest and recharge batteries but also to make or plan our new interior design project.

Lately, we have become increasingly aware of the state of our planet and it’s also for this reason that the great trend of interior decoration for the summer of 2019 is sustainability.

To inspire you to start your new decoration project this summer, at your home or in your office, we bring you the big trends for this year:


1. Scandi or Scandinavian

It’s not the first time we talk about the Scandinavian style. Simplicity, quality, and form are the three keywords that define it.

Its versatility and ease with which it is combined with other styles is one of the main reasons that gives so much popularity to this style and that makes it, once again, the trend for this summer.


2. Recycled Kitchens

As we said earlier, sustainability is truly important this summer. Even better than decorating our home to make it visually appealing and comfortable, is to do it knowing that we’re contributing positively to the sustainability of our planet.

When you decide to implement your interior design project for the summer of 2019 (and the years to come), think about the impact your choices will have on the environment and opt for recycled materials.


3. Pattern Combination

To counteract the minimalist look, standards are key this summer. And we’re not talking about just one pattern, but a combination of styles. The key is to keep the color palette the same tone.

Don’t fear the combination of patterns. This is one of the great trends of summer 2019 that you will want to dare to try.


4. Mustard

The mustard tones are the big trend this summer, blending in perfectly with the warm months. This is a daring, refreshing and also versatile color, working very well with millennial pink, teal, and indigo blue, and also crisp white

Remember that you can go beyond fabrics or paints and use this shade on sofas, shelves and other pieces of furniture.


5. Ceramics

Organic-style ceramics with subtle patterns and handcrafted elements will be quite popular this summer. Use jars and vases with reliefs and fill them with beautiful flowers. Choose pastel, pink and black colors.


6. Open shelves

Forget the doors and the hidden things. The big trend this summer of 2019 is the open shelves. Instead of hiding, display everything you have, whatever division of the house it is (especially in the kitchen).


7. “Unfinished” style

The unfinished or disposable style is becoming very popular. Once again, let’s face the motto of this summer’s trend: whether it’s shutters, desks, chairs or any other kind of furniture, in the long run, it will be more sustainable to opt for styles that are more “disposable”.


8. Living Coral

Do you remember us showing you the color of the year 2019 announced by Pantone? Well, Living Coral has come to stay and continues to be the color trend of the summer of 2019 as well.

A color that evokes warmth and tranquility, creating a calm environment. The soft pastel palette works well with other shades of gray, oranges and bright reds. And to give a touch of earth and maintain a soft color scheme, add raw organic textures in furniture and lighting.



Which of these summer trends of 2019 will you choose? Share with us.


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