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and Soul

Maria Vilhena has a degree in Design by IADE-DESIGN SUPERIOR SCHOOL OF LISBON, since 2009. With a professional experience which allowed her to explore various areas like product, equipment, graphic and interiors, Maria understood her passion for interior and exterior design, and started a crescent career on 2014, which allowed her to create her own brand: MARIA VILHENA DESIGN.

Exigent, persistent and passionate by her work, never says no to any new challenge, embarking in quite different projects, creating unique living and professional ambiances.

Along this way, and under her own brand, Maria Vilhena created the couch BLAST, as basis for a developing furniture line

The method of
Maria Vilhena

Maria Vilhena’s “atelier” offers an exclusive service: the lean design. This method studies the quotidian, the habits and mechanic of singular or grouped persons, and sensible to their consequent needs, allows her to project their consequent needs, resulting in totally coherent spaces according to each one’s style of individual or professional lives.

If the designer fails, place also does

The greater inspiration to any interior designer must be people who will use spaces to project. For Maria Vilhena, to think and execute the places where people will live great part of their days, many times a big percentage of their lives, it’s a big responsibility. Indeed, it’s always a big challenge to develop a more detailed and careful task, dedicated to those people.
Aesthetics are important, but what is it without functionality nor comfort? Spaces can be pleasant without being easy to use. Lean design grants both functionality and comfort in pleasant ambiances.

A place for each thing, a thing for each place

Being in leisure or work, everyone has its own individual processes. Lean design studies the processes of each person, family or enterprise, allowing thus a strong and supported base to create more effective and efficient spaces, able to be, not only supportive, but as well giving them agility, making them faster. It’s fundamental to know routines and objectives of each Client to concretize a place to be, simultaneously, a process facilitator and a certitude of comfort.
How much time will lean design saves you?

3 P's with soul – lean your life

People, processes and purposes. These are the lean design three P’s. This method begins by, initially, to segregate, to clean and to tidy up. On first stage, wastes of time and energy are detected and eliminated which each space can cause.
After the diagnosis is made, it’s necessary to pattern and systemize, to understand where alterations can be made in order to give agility to processes, and save time to users. These will have a fundamental role in the final result on of this method, being incentivized to take better use of their new leisure or work areas.
All this process goes along with a non lesser constant and important worry with aesthetics, allying utility to beauty, decoration to soul.


Get involved in Maria Vilhena’s world, and give space to your soul !


To enhance security to all Clients and preservation of their spaces, there is a partnership with this insurance broker working with several first class insurance companies.
Vitor Santiago – Insurance Brokers has its office at Anadia and fully grants protection of Maria Vilhena’s spaces.

RM was born in 2004, but in 2010 it specializes in the areas of operations management and process reengineering - lean thinking. Our partner RM consulting assists us in the design of lean spaces, tailored to each client and always seeking to exceed their needs.

Any project is worth the attentive and analytic look of an architect. In spaces worked by Maria Vilhena, this look is made by the two. Diogo Ribeiro is an architect with his office at Luso, and has been giving his unique vision and talent to Maria Vilhena’s soul and decoration.

Caravelatur is the partner in construction, refurbishment and rehabilitation. With its main office at Mealhada, this is a young and dynamic engineering team, with large experience in works direction and project management, trying to find the best technical solutions for each space.

Maria Vilhena’s partner in project cleaning is Limpek. The work being completed, it is closed with a golden key by Limpek, with main office at Calvão, and a guarantee to leave any space immaculate.