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Lisbon, Portugal



Intervention Type

Interior Design Project
Remodeling work


For Unbabel, a company dedicated to translation and made up of a young and rapidly growing team, two essential requests were taken into account: creating more light in the space and increasing the workplaces but originally and informally.

Thus, taking into account the company's institutional colors, it was decided to work with various shades of blue as predominant for the walls and decorative elements of greater prominence, in the wide entrance area.

This was the place chosen for the creation of spots where employees can spread out, to work in different conditions: next to the large windows, 2 workbenches were placed, taking advantage of the city's movement as a work scenario, on the “U-shaped” bench. ”, Which received as an original touch an integrated vase, with a small olive tree, thus bringing a little of the outside to the interior, employees can watch the VR or work on their laptop in a relaxed way.

Side tables were placed next to the existing sofa and on the wall there is now a large writing board. The existing workroom had little light, so 4 large hanging bars were placed, with indirect lighting. To give a more fresh look to the whole space, these same grids were dotted with hanging plants. In a small corner of the room, informal meeting space was created, covering one of the walls and the ceiling with vinyl imitating wood, to make it more welcoming.


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