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Located in the heart of Aveiro city, the remodeling of the Recatu restaurant is inspired by the new irreverent .sense of the culture and history of Portugal A space that mixes signature cuisine with traditional Portuguese dishes, accompanied by a careful selection of wines, with an eminent concern to serve an experience to those who visit.

The wine theme was the was the guiding line of the project concept with elements of wood and brick added to highlight it. The pillars found in the restaurant have been modified and are now splendid wine cellars. The wine room created, with a controlled and ideal temperature of 18 degrees, appears as the most imposing element in the space. Conditions have been created so that customers can enjoy the space at the ideal temperature for the wine, whether in a wine tasting or in a meal for a restricted group.

The floor, with traditional Portuguese tiles, as well as some furniture, contrasts with the vibrant and contemporary colors of several elements of the space, which allows reaching a more elegant and touristic client, in tune with the trend of the city where the restaurant is located.
The discreet lighting, along with with the dark tones of the walls, transmit quietness and sovereignty to the space, making it inviting for evenings with friends, family or business dinners.


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