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automobile stand


Coimbra, Portugal




Litocar project was conceived to promote well being amongst collaborators, who should feel comfortable and taken to stay longer at the company, motivated and productive.

The core of concept is the product to be sold (automobiles Renault), so space was transformed in a way to be an extension of road/street. In face of the few natural light in space, street lamps were installed, creating a game of shadow and light.

Existing only two windows in a 200 square metres space, any barriers to entry of light were demolished, and big glass panels were applied, dividing the formation and dinning rooms from other spaces. Social contact is in this way facilitated, as collaborators have eye communication between them all, independently from place they are.

There’s a lounge space for relaxation, where a garden was simulated, using styled trees, and imitation of deck flooring. Being this a small space, insufficient for all collaborators, a side kitchen was set, with high tables with glass tops supported by steering wheels. Still in this room, the bottom wall supports a Renault 4L detached in pieces, simulating a puzzle.
Illumination of formation and dinning rooms is made of white painted tyres fixed to ceiling.

In this project a concern to evidence the experience and passing of time of this Renault dealer since 1982, was also present in the choice of materials, like portuguese wall tiles and aged concrete. This materials choice allowed for a duality between modernity and classic, resulting in an interesting and welcoming space for all collaborators ages.
Orange, Litocar’s brand colour, wasn’t forgot, but used in a contained way, not turn the space too much institutional.


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