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Grocery and Restaurant

Grão de Bio






General public

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Interior Design Project


Grão de Bio, a grocery and restaurant with organic products and handcrafted products, which flourished by the sea, in Matosinhos. The concept was to provide the space with a comfortable and functional environment, where fresh and healthy ingredients are gathered, for purchase in the grocery store, or the consumption of light meals in the author's kitchen restaurant, also providing for the various workshops that are held there, to teach the community to eat healthier.

Mixing a more contemporary environment with the classic of old grocery stores, on the one hand, light colors and mirrors were used on the walls, transmitting greater tranquility and spaciousness to space, contrasting with the black applied to the ceiling, in search of more elegance and modernity. Wood was widely used in this space, in different shapes and finishes, creating an environment of great comfort, with differentiating elements, such as the slats on screens and ceilings, the old fruit boxes that create product displays and ceiling installations, in a set of plants and filament lamps.

The hydraulic tiled floor, combined with the showcases and rustic-looking furniture, transport us immediately to memories of the past, but we return to our time when we sit on the cozy couches, enjoying the dishes made with fresh products.


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