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AP 04


T4 Apartment


Coimbra, Portugal


Intervention Type

Interior design


“Less is more”, applies in this four bedroom apartment. Knowing his Client’s routines, fundamental part of his work, Maria Vilhena responded to needs of this four member family, including two youngsters.

Given that all haven’t much time, the great objective was that their home was easy to live in, so that apartment should be practical. First step was to change the entrance hall flowerbed into a functional role: a sitting area and a shoe cabinet, so that need of inside cleaning was greatly diminished.

With few doors, barriers and only just with essential furniture, ambiances are in neutral tones, natural stones, noble materials and some touches of colour, creating an elegant and relaxing space. Walls develop naked, however having closets on every architectural opportunity, thus increasing storage capacity.

There was a big concern about using white, turning spaces brighter and visually bigger, balanced with several woods used in furniture as well on flooring. Some black appointments grant a strong character for the apartment. Still thinking of a bigger functionality, the exterior terrace near the kitchen was partly closed, creating a new larder connecting to laundry, as, otherwise would be outside the apartment. Besides gaining space on a not big kitchen, value was added on creating a space for daily meals, full of light and with a fantastic view over the city.


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