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AP 01


T3 Apartment


Porto das Dunas - Aquiraz, Brazil


Intervention Type

Interior design


At the MANDARA KAUAI luxury resort, located at Porto das Dunas, Aquiraz, Maria Vilhena projected her first apartment in Brazil. With an elegant but relaxed ambiance, this three bedroom apartment is fresh and light, in part due to its proximity to the ocean, however with distinctive appointments conferring a strong personality, maintaining the elegance of a cosmopolitan habitation.

For the creation of this project, highlight was given to blue tones, to natural materials, as different wooden species, the coffee table facing the coach made of logs and the various plants and flowers completing the space.

Stone used in the kitchen cooking island, takes ambiance to the bottom of the sea, being the most striking element of the habitation.

Use of modern lines furniture, lacquered and serigraphy elements, in opposition to the styled chandelier over dining table, the more traditional chairs and full presence of wood, create a mixing of styles, in a cosy and elegant ambiance.
Outside, was created a softer, zen and harmonious space, using white and greyish beige tones as well as the disposition of plants and natural elements.


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