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If you like to keep up to date, I have something new for you. Pantone has already released its new fall-winter color report this year.


The new and creative colors that arrive in the last quarter of 2018 express the need for individuality. There will be a great focus on expressive self colors.


The 15 tones were separated into two lists. A Fall / Winter 2018 Top 10 Color Palette and Fall / Winter 2018 Classic Color Palette.

The first, as the name implies, consists of 10 vibrant colors that transport us immediately to the autumn days where the ground remains covered with beautiful colorful and warm leaves, which with a “rich plumage and twilight, reveal a palette of modern autumn of deep rich tones with explosions of colorful surprise, “explains Pantone.


The second palette, conveys elegance and sobriety. “Five main colors, easily used during seasons, are more crucial than ever. As the “trends” remain relevant for longer, and consumers seek to add variety through new textures, fabrics, and beautiful combinations, these five basic shades serve as critical building blocks, “comments Laurie, from Pantone.


Pantone’s “Color of the Year” of 2018, is also one of the colors of this palette: the purple forte, called Ultra Violet.


Which bet will be the color of the year 2019? Give us your opinion and tell us also what your favorite color is from this range.

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