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Pantone has already revealed the trends for 2019 and they couldn’t have done it better.

In addition to the color of the year, 8 themes and 72 color trend for clothing and decoration, color specialist launches its trend colors betting home and interior design.


The company chose two color palettes aimed especially for household and decorative items. “With more options than ever, it’s imperative that furniture and designer brands connect with their consumers by delivering themes, palettes and colors that stimulate beyond the surface,” says Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone Color Institute.


The first palette was inspired by the food and so it was called “Cravings”, which means “Wishes”. Those desires that we have to eat the most beautiful cake in the pastry shop or that desire that we suddenly have to eat anything highly caloric? These are called “cravings.” They can be called “fetishes” too, as mentioned Pantone. Fetish for a hot chocolate or a red fruit cheesecake, for example.


The second palette is the opposite of the first. Contrasting with the boldness of “Cravings”, we have the sobriety of the “Classic”. Classic and cozy. The shades of this palette combine perfectly and elegantly the deep navy blue, gray flannels, red wine and black caviar.


If you like shiny objects, know that the metallic ones are still a tendency. For 2019, metallic gold is part of this second palette, the Classic.


Pantone’s 2019 Pantone View Home + Interiors 2019 trend book is full of inspiration.


Another stunning palette is the Syncopated, illuminated by bright white, bright yellow and warm red-yellow.


Paradoxical reveals style and design, created by unconventional blends. Luxurious and affordable.


Brings together shades of tropical green and blue-green-blue, mixing fluidly royal blue and bright green. It’s the Proximity palette.


Musings is a “low profile” palette. It is silent and refers to introspection and relaxation. It is associated with pleasure and excitement.


Herish combines comfort, pleasure, affection and contentment. Color, texture and pattern in one palette.


Meanderings reveals unexpected treasures and brings pleasures, allowing you to travel even in your imagination.


Have you been able to travel in your imagination now and visualize your home with these amazing new palettes?

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