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25 March, 2021

For the secondary room of this villa, we have developed two exclusive side tables. Minskoff and Ambassador are the perfect complements for this family’s relaxing moments. With angular lines, softened by the delicacy of the marble stone and harmonized by the naturalness of the wood and the modernity of the black metal, these tables stand […]

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5 February, 2021

Every time technology is more present in our lives, facilitating communication, labor, management, and operation of our homes and our daily routines. Today we want to tell you about home automation, which is a more or less complex way to allows us to use smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, which combined with virtual […]

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14 January, 2021

For this house, where a concept of sophisticated and elegant housing was created, despite the use of simpler and more comfortable materials, decorative pieces were designed that highlight this duality. In the reading room, a space that was wanted to be very comfortable and intimate, there is the piece CITY BY NIGHT, signed by designer […]

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9 January, 2021

“It is very gratifying to realize that customers are willing to wait, sometimes for a few months, to have a project developed specifically by our company”   RBP – As a result of your passion for creating interiors and exteriors, in 2014 you created your own Maria Vilhena Interior Design brand. How do you present […]

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10 December, 2020

A corner of Farmácia Miranda is entirely dedicated to the youngest, where adults can choose the products they need and children can dream awake! For this purpose, it was designed a space with a circus atmosphere in soft colors. Geometric shapes, wavy bands on the shelves, which refer to the tents, take the children to an imaginary […]


3 December, 2020

“Reconciling multiple roles is incredible”   The designer Maria Vilhena is the founder of Maria Vilhena Interior Design, a brand that applies the Lean Design model to the projects it develops, among which the Recatu restaurant in Aveiro, which won the Silver award at the Muse Creative Awards. Feedzai SA offices in San Francisco (USA), […]


19 November, 2020

Whether it is a dedicated division or the use of space, the home office should be a space that fits your lifestyle. It must be very functional and reflect your wishes and ambitions. At a time when telecommuting appears to be a very necessary practice to combat the pandemic that is plaguing the world, we […]


31 August, 2020

Husk is one of the most famous seat collections designed for the B&B Italia brand, by Patricia Urquiola, Spanish architect and interior designer, a reference and great inspiration in Maria Vilhena’s projects. In her creative and productive process, Patrícia Urquiola always uses the technology at her disposal, pushing design and architectural projects to limits yet […]


26 June, 2020

The beginning of the year 2020 brought some unexpected changes. All areas had to reinvent themselves and come up with new and mainly functional solutions. The Interior Design sector was no exception, and reformulated itself, without losing the essence that characterizes it so well. In this sense, there are new trends for this year that […]