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31 August, 2020

Husk is one of the most famous seat collections designed for the B&B Italia brand, by Patricia Urquiola, Spanish architect and interior designer, a reference and great inspiration in Maria Vilhena’s projects. In her creative and productive process, Patrícia Urquiola always uses the technology at her disposal, pushing design and architectural projects to limits yet […]


26 June, 2020

The beginning of the year 2020 brought some unexpected changes. All areas had to reinvent themselves and come up with new and mainly functional solutions. The Interior Design sector was no exception, and reformulated itself, without losing the essence that characterizes it so well. In this sense, there are new trends for this year that […]


6 May, 2020

The benefits that plants bring us are scientifically proven. Having them at home is an excellent way to enjoy them while making your space cooler and lighter. As there is not always the possibility of having outdoor spaces that allow gardens, many people bet on indoor pot plants or small vertical gardens. Before we show […]


29 April, 2020

Spring has arrived and although we shouldn’t go out into the street, we can always enjoy the mild breeze and cool drinks. Are the children saturated with being at home? If you have a garden, a porch or even a balcony, make the most of that space. These relaxing moments are precious and a beautiful […]


25 April, 2020

Our home must reflect our personality but, above all, it must adapt to our routines. We need to know them well to be able to think of the perfect layout and organization for our home. This is a fundamental process for our home to be 100% functional and allow us to create simpler routines, which […]


22 April, 2020

Today, with the family at home, taking time out for yourself becomes a real challenge! He ends up taking more time at work than he should, he has to prepare lunch and dinner for the whole family; runs for everyone to have some of their time … And suddenly, behold, the clock strikes at midnight […]


15 April, 2020

Our home is an extension of who we are. The way we decorate and keep all our things organized reflects our essence, and everything we do between those 4 walls also ends up defining and influencing our motivation, productivity and the way we face life. Scientific studies show that by adjusting only small habits and […]

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8 April, 2020

With the family at home, the routines change and space always seems little for how much you do and live daily. This can be a good time to rethink your home and make it more functional, whether for the current moment or thinking about a future (we hope close) of resuming the usual routines. The […]


25 March, 2020

The place where we work greatly influences our job performance. Although we all have different ways of being and different tastes, there are some details in interior design that make all the difference when it comes to our productivity. And of course, to our general well-being, which influences everything and everyone around us. Working from […]