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Last year in full confinement, I opened the doors of my house to give you tips on organization and functionality combined with aesthetically appealing environments that suit every personality and routine. I was far from knowing that there was one more room to remodel because I was pregnant.
Today, I invite you again to come in and discover the room I designed for my baby.

I wanted playful decor for this room, but without sticking to a specific theme. The walls were decorated with small “paper planes”, which make it possible to change the decoration in the future.

About colors, I kept the sober line of the rest of the house’s rooms: black and white, harmonizing with gray tones textiles and the wooden tone of the floor, which provide greater comfort.

In addition to the general ceiling lighting, I chose to have some more dim lighting points that allow for a peaceful going to bed and waking up and the necessary care during the night, etc.

The slatted wooden structure on the wall allows me to store toys, books, and objects needed for the baby’s care. The dresser/changing table has been positioned so that it is close to this wall for greater functionality.

In addition to the clothes stored on the dresser, I chose to put the most used items in a carriage in each season of the year, in addition to bags and backpacks necessary for everyday life. This way I quickly visualize what I want for each occasion.

It’s been wonderful to share this space with my baby!

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