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“It is very gratifying to realize that customers are willing to wait, sometimes for a few months, to have a project developed specifically by our company”


RBP – As a result of your passion for creating interiors and exteriors, in 2014 you created your own Maria Vilhena Interior Design brand. How do you present the brand?

MV – Maria Vilhena Interior Design reflects what I believe, and what I encourage, to be a work of superior quality: each project is assumed to be unique and unreplicable and each one is given commitment, rigor, and attention from all involved. Daily, exclusive and sophisticated spaces are designed, where the needs, desires, and dreams of each client, as well as the requirements of a highly technological and sustainable future, are the priority.

I want the customer looking for the Maria Vilhena Interior Design brand, to have a unique and highly individualized experience, both in the result of their project and in the attention given to them as a consumer of our services.


RBP – Did the creation of your own brand allow you to achieve projects that would otherwise be more difficult?

MV – Definitely. Managing my own brand allows me to be and act genuinely. I am regulated by the principles and values that I believe are essential for the provision of excellent service. And clients/projects have come in search of this uniqueness of the brand.

It is very gratifying to realize that customers are willing to wait, sometimes for a few months, to have a project developed specifically by our company. And very rewarding projects have been carried out in the most diverse areas, which I would not otherwise have the pleasure of doing.


RBP – The atelier offers an exclusive service, lean design. How is this type of service characterized and what are the advantages? Do you feel it is essential to have a close relationship with the customer to offer a good service?

MV – Lean Design, allows an in-depth knowledge of each client, as we study in detail their daily lives, habits, and processes, whether they are private or business clients. The great advantage of this method is that because it is highly sensitive to the needs of each client, it allows us to design spaces that are totally consistent with each person’s personal or professional lifestyle.

This method makes even more sense in the luxury segment, where we have increasingly demanding customers. Knowing our clients very well makes it possible not only to meet their expectations and needs but to overcome them, transforming the lives of people for whom enough is not enough.


RBP – Women have been playing an increasingly prominent role in the business world, because they have been, above all, resilient. In the area of concrete design, is prejudice still felt when you present yourself as a businesswoman?

MV – In the area of interior design, I believe that women are more likely to be at the head of companies, so I have no sense of prejudice, whether from potential clients or work teams. This is an area where proximity and sensitivity are essential, as we enter people’s homes and lives. And because we women are, by definition, more empathetic and attentive to the details around us, I suppose it is easier to have a woman in charge of projects. There is sometimes a natural resistance to new ideas and solutions brought by a young woman, from some older technicians. But I think it’s more of a generational issue than prejudice.


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