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Maria Vilhena Design is present in the directory QUEM É QUEM in Architecture and Engineering. The directory with a selection of the best atelier’s in Portugal. Companies that stand out for their originality, creativity and functionality in their projects already materialized and published in the Preliminary Projects. This is a unique work in the genre, in a logic of promoting in the Portuguese market the excellence of architecture.




Maria Vilhena has a degree in Design from IADE – Lisbon School of Design since 2009.
She began her professional career in lighting, integrating the product development team of Climar – Indústria de iluminação SA.
In the following years, she worked at interior decoration stores and in 2013, she bets on launching herself as a freelancer.
In this beginning, with no major presence in the market, she created the Clube de Empreendedorismo da Bairrada – CEB, with a group of friends and entrepreneurs, of which she became Vice-President. This Club allowed Maria Vilhena to create many contacts at networking events organized by CEB.
The volume of customers and business was growing, as well as the need to create a team to respond to this growth, which allowed her to create her brand in 2014: Maria Vilhena Design.
Maria Vilhena made a point of hosting the company in Anadia, her birthplace, which did not stop her from growing the brand and taking it to countries such as Brazil, Luxembourg and the USA.
Demanding, persistent and passionate about her work, she never says no to a new challenge, embracing very different projects, creating unique housing and business environments.
Along this route and under her brand, Maria Vilhena launched the BLAST armchair, the base for a line of furniture in development, which already has a lamp, a line of mirrors and another one of carpets.
In 2017 expands the company to Lisbon, opening a space in that city.

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