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Over time, we have been talking about the Lean method applied to our projects. Today we bring you a practical case to explain this process.

The Lean method studies the daily life, habits, and mechanics of people, individuals, or groups and, sensitive to their needs, allows spaces to be designed that are totally coherent with each person’s personal or professional lifestyle, combining the aesthetic component with high functionality.
To this end, in the first phase, a thorough in-depth study of the routines of families and companies is carried out and the objectives and the purpose of the spaces to be designed are outlined.

In this case, the client wanted the house to be a quiet place, to convey serenity, with a clean but welcoming environment. One of the main concerns was to make the space as soundproof as possible, from the inside to the outside and vice versa. The open space of the living room and kitchen should have different areas for music; meditation area; dining or work area; library/bookshelves.

After collecting information, through a survey and site visit, and face-to-face conversation, the layout was revised. The location of the pieces of furniture that would compose each area and the flow between them was studied and defined, promoting greater open-space functionality, both for the day-to-day of the owner, and when receiving guests.


From existing space to the new layout


The next step took us to the detailed design of the pieces of furniture and decorative elements made to measure, allowing efficient use of space. When creating an environment, the choice of materials, textures, colors, lighting are essential for a result that works and pleases the client, and meets the defined objectives.


Technical drawings and choice of materials


In this case, the soft earth tones harmonize with black, in a mixture of simple textures with materials such as wood, iron, and glass, bringing natural elements to the interior of the apartment that invoke serenity and maximum comfort. Throughout the space, there is indirect lighting through LED strips in a warm tone, which reinforces these sensations.


See the final project here

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