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Created in 2014, the Maria Vilhena Design brand is the embodiment of a passion for creating interiors and exteriors and a distinguished example of professionalism and a reference in the national market. Tell us a little more about this project, what motivated you to create it, and how it differentiates itself in the market.

Granddaughter of a renowned entrepreneur from Bairrada in the area of ​​lumber, I grew up absorbing the intoxicating smell of the skillfully cut pine trees and the genuine passion for this raw material.

Even as a little girl, seeing wood being cut and packed daily, I imagined what I could build with those boards, far from knowing that they would be part of my future.

Aware of my legacy and proud of the roots that have inspired me and continue to lead me, when deciding my career path, I gave life to my girl’s dreams: transforming lives, designing unique furniture and decoration pieces and aesthetically pleasing, functional spaces, designed and developed according to each client.

Today, I continue to assume each project as unique and irreplicable. Every day, unique and sophisticated spaces are designed, where the needs, desires, and dreams of each customer and the demands of a highly technological and sustainable future are the priority.

We obviously differentiate ourselves by our design, because although we work in several styles, our stamp is always present and, above all, by our rigor and professionalism, and precise monitoring and care for each client

With 360° solutions, the Maria Vilhena atelier offers its clients a global solution, which gives each project the Maria Vilhena quality and distinction. For this, it counts on the dedication and professionalism of its team and partners who, daily, work to materialize the dreams that come into their hands. Currently, what services and solutions do the Maria Vilhena atelier have available to its customers?

We effectively offer a global solution, from the study of each client’s needs to the design of projects and their execution.

And for this, we have with us a team of technicians and experienced artisans in different areas, which allow us to materialize projects from the work to the furnishing of decoration and deliver spaces of the highest quality to each client.

Atelier Maria Vilhena offers an exclusive service: lean design. Thanks to this method, the atelier can design spaces that are totally coherent with each person’s personal or professional lifestyle. Tell us a little more about this innovative method and how it revolutionizes interior design.

The lean design aims to improve productivity, reduce costs and time and add value to the customer, whether business or private because even at home we can make better use of our time having a space designed to our measure.

This method consists of the exhaustive study of the dynamics and individual processes of companies or families, allowing us to create a strong and sustained base to design more effective, efficient, and procedure-facilitating spaces, always combining comfort and aesthetics.

It is essential to know the routines and goals of each client to realize your perfect place.

With a vast portfolio of projects carried out in the most diverse areas, the Maria Vilhena atelier has been charting a successful path based on professionalism, dedication, creativity, and a lot of passion. Which flags will continue to guide the studio over the years and what goals do you still want to achieve?

My daily objective for the company is to provide well-being to our customers, producing quality environments (residential, public, and business) that are innovative in their concept and that meet the needs and specificities of each family and each business. For this, I encourage and always count on the rigor, responsibility, integrity, and efficiency of the entire team that is dedicated to each client/project and, thus, provides a qualified, rigorous, and precise follow-up. Only then can we continue to offer an excellent service.

I want the company to continue to grow in a balanced and sustained way, so that it can be a national and international reference among Interior Design companies, distinguished by the quality of the environments created and the demonstration of its added value, both in the growth of each company. , as in the functionality of the housing.

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