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The beginning of the year 2020 brought some unexpected changes. All areas had to reinvent themselves and come up with new and mainly functional solutions.

The Interior Design sector was no exception, and reformulated itself, without losing the essence that characterizes it so well. In this sense, there are new trends for this year that will inspire you to want to give a new life to your space, which deserves to be studied and elaborated for the new times in which we live.

Exaggerated styles will no longer be used, giving way to more natural environments, composed of original materials, always keeping environmental responsibility in mind, where the organization of the space will be predominant.

The changes can be challenging, but at the same time charming. A new and well-planned interior design project can be an extra motivation to initiate other equally positive changes in your life.

Let yourself be inspired by these suggestions full of character and personality.



Natural materials

It is a simple way to give life to your space, a trend that refers to the organic.

From plants to wooden accessories, there are elements that are essential to break the cold and gray of urban centers, giving color and joy and making their environments lighter.




Recycled / handcrafted pieces

Another trend to explore this year is “upcycling”, which represents ecological aspirations, environmental concerns and that shows personality.

With more time spent at home, the personal touch and the exclusivity in the pieces meet the desire to have unique pieces.

Look for what is true for you and give it character. Give a new life to that chair in the garage, or to the vase that seems so demodé!



Organization and functionality

The need for organization and functionality of the space does not come from now, and it is the main point of attention when we are developing projects. In addition to being beautiful, spaces must be extremely functional and suitable for your routines, whether at home or at your company.

Rethinking your space makes even more sense n this year, in which the need to spend more time “indoor” became evident.



Tone on Tone “Ton sur Ton”

The reinforcement of monochromatic environments also gained strength this year.

Inspiration where a tone reigns!

The study of details is necessary so that the objects highlighted, in their respective spaces, create environments with harmony of colors. Without anything above the expected, create a neutral environment, but with high visual quality.




Comfort is the motto

The trend of “staying at home is the new way out”, is here to stay this year. Spending so much time indoors, we realized how essential our comfort is, drawing your attention to those spaces that no longer seem so cozy, right?

Some examples so that you can improve some spaces and feel even better: Invest in good pillows, comfortable sofas, beds that facilitate the movement of getting up.



By following some of these steps, it is possible to change, creating a lighter, more natural and charismatic environment.




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