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Some people say that just having the money to make a good business model and build the company of your dreams is enought. This may even be a good starting point or a good lever, but as we mentioned in a previous article, what makes a company grow healthy are the people who work on it.


We all know that a comfortable atmosphere plays a truly important role in our mood and productivity. But did you know that the well-designed decor of your office can have a big impact on the success of your business?

The most productive offices balance the comfort of home with a professional business image. In addition to creating healthy interpersonal relationships, an elegant environment, full of color and inspiration provide a happy and healthy environment for everyone.


It is very important that the interior architecture conveys the values of the company so that everyone feels good.


Today we leave you 10 decorating tips that will bring very positive changes to your office, keeping your team productive, inspired and motivated every day.


1 – Make sure thatthe mission of your company is clear

Create an expanded image of your company’s mission and put it in a common area. Seeing the mission several times a day can be an effective way of showing company values and a great motivational reminder.


2 – Integrate the colors of your company in the decoration

When choosing the color palette of your office, incorporate the colors of your brand so that the space really stands for a consistent style that reflects the essence of your company. The right colors can have a powerful psychological impact on people, making them feel happier.


3 – Carpets in the office? Of course!

Carpets or rugs are a great way to delineate multiple spaces without creating physical barriers. If your office is in “open space”, even better.

Placing them under furniture to act as pleasant accents or adding a rug directly outside your office doors, are great choices and will bring life and comfort to the space.


4 – Unique pieces of furniture

Choose pieces of furniture with unique designs and colors. There are lots of options for sofas, chairs, tables that will give a personalized touch to your office. From Ottoman chairs with animal prints, to architectural chaise lounges, you’ll be able to find furniture that speaks for your brand.


5 – Mirrors

The mirrors have the unique ability to expand the spaces, turning them into more inviting and ample areas. Try to put some mirrors all over your office and you will see that apart from professional and unique, it will look also more exquisite.


6 – Re-evaluate the energy of your office

It is very important that each area has its own atmosphere. If you want your meeting room to have a more serious environment, for example, a neutral color scheme will be the right choice. In the lounge area, which invites you to relax and have fun, you should opt for a totally different kind of decoration. It is absolutely necessary that you make these distinctions.


7 – Let each one decorate at their style

As we all have a taste and style of our own, encourage your team to decorate their desk as they like, so that they can work more comfortable and motivated.


8 – Light, of course!

In almost every article we speak of the importance of light in all areas.

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of an office. Your space can be equipped with the finest furniture and the most amazing color combination, but none of this will truly shine if you do not have the right lighting.

Because natural lighting is always better, keep all areas of the windows unobstructed to fill the workspace with as much natural light as possible.


9 – Buy a White Board

Whether in your own space or in a common area, add a whiteboard (or slate blackboard) to give it a creative and intriguing look. Use this to mark up assignments, presentations, and as an open invitation for team members to do the same. Ideally, these frameworks should be in areas suitable for brainstorming and team meetings.


10 – Fruit basket and healthy snacks

Put a fruit basket in an unexpected place, like the coffee table in the lobby.

Doing this not only creates a beautiful image, but also encourages healthy snacks. Fresh fruit, nuts, healthy snacks and water bottles accessible to all are great incentives and great fuels for the brain.

Buy plants to bring your office life, hang pictures of the team on the wall and artistic pictures, invite breaks during the day and make your employees feel comfortable, happy and much more motivated and able to produce more and better.


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