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Google’s offices are known around the world for their distinctive and irreverent interior design and especially for their lounge spaces.

These living areas, full of color and activities for the moments of rest of its employees weren’t made “by accident” and they aren’t just a reflection of the good taste of the company leaders.

These lounges were designed to provide moments of well-being to their employees and one of the many consequences would be the gain of motivation and consequently more productivity.

There seems to be a strong correlation between employee and lounger commitment to work breaks. And large companies, like Google, know that.

It’s proven that a beautiful and comfortable place and regular breaks create better employees, as we told you in a previous article about inspired and more productive teams.


Here are just a few examples of the benefits of regular breaks and lounge activities in the workplace:


More Productivity

Although taking breaks may seem counterintuitive when it comes to increasing productivity, pauses are the best way to become more productive. Employees gain focus and energy after moving away from their desks. A pause for reading on a chaise longue or a game of ping pong with the colleague at the break in the morning helps to avoid the productivity breaks in the afternoon.


Mental well-being

We all need time to recharge batteries. Nowadays, stress is incredibly common in our lives and especially in our workplace and this has highly detrimental effects. Taking breaks during the workday helps relieve some of this stress and improves mental well-being.


Increased creativity

Taking a break from work to rest, talk to colleagues or play some games, can give employees a new perspective on their projects. It’s truly challenging to have good and new ideas when we spend 8 hours of our days doing the same thing. And it’s hard to come up with solutions when we look at the same thing all day. Breaks certainly help to make creative ideas flow.


More time for healthy habits

Regular breaks allow time for healthy habits in the workplace, such as reading, exercising, playing, meditating or participating in activities.

If we want a more productive company, we must think of the well-being of the great engine of any business: the people, the collaborators who, as the word says, collaborate and contribute to the growth of companies.

How can we end the mentality that breaks and lounge spaces are for people who don’t like to work? How can we eliminate this idea from time to time that we aren’t being productive enough (and good workers) to take breaks?


How do we transform a company so that everyone benefits? We leave you with some ideas:


Provide incentives regularly

If you are an employer, as part of your “wellness program” at the workplace give your employees some incentive to take regular breaks and enjoy the lounge space in the office. Try to create a “pause/break challenge” and ask people to document their breaks throughout the day. Reward them for their participation. If you are an employee of a company, propose something like this.


Discuss the benefits

Many employees aren’t aware of all the health and productivity benefits that work breaks have. Send an email, put up some flyers or give talks about the importance of spending time away from the desk.

And remember: if you’re an employer, take breaks too! Leading by example is always the best way.

When employees realize that their bosses are taking breaks during the day they will feel more encouraged to do so as well.


Interior Design

We came to one of the most important, if not the most important points of all: the interior design project for an office lounge.

Make sure the office has at least one break room for employees to enjoy their rest time to the fullest.

As we told you earlier in the article, Google is a great example of beautiful and creative lounge spaces.

But what makes these spaces so incredible? In addition to the company culture, which of course has influence, there are some key points that you should consider when applying the interior decoration project in your company’s lounge space:

• Vibrant colors

• Design that encourages you to relax and “play”

• Alternative locations to work beyond the desk

• Cafeteria (always with healthy food and drinks available)

• Beautiful and comfortable furniture

• Good lighting

• Plants


Whether you are an employer or an employe, there is always something you can do to improve your quality of life at work.

After all, it’s in our workplace that we spend most of our days, don’t we? So if we feel happy while we work, we’ll contaminate our entire personal life and the people who are part of it. And for this to be possible, we need to be aware that breaks are very important and bring us a wide range of benefits.

We leave you some photos of projects developed by us so that you can feel inspired and so you can inspire someone too.


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