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The combination of patterns can bring some hesitation when decorating. Join stripes with squares? Polka dots and triangles? Why not? You don’t need to be afraid to mix patterns. Just understand some essential tricks so that the space remains harmonious and elegant.


Balance is the key word. Many patterns can make a chaotic space and lots of repetition can make it absolutely monotonous and bland. A standardized fabric is visually more “heavy” than a plain, but also full of personality.


Basic rules of how to use patterns


  1.  When you join different patterns, repeat at least one of the colors.


  1.  Coordination of various patterns requires an equal background color for all, preferably a neutral color.


  1. Add smooth notes, such as one-color pillows or textured blankets, so that the overlap becomes less striking


  1.  Mix the sizes of the patterns


  1.  Usually, odd numbers work very well. So follow the rule of three patterns: the first should be the biggest, the boldest, the one you like the most. The second pattern should be different and half the size of the first. And the third, will allow the union between the first two, thus having the same tones or complement one of the patterns.


  1. “Stronger” patterns will give life to the space. Already the simpler patterns have a calming effect. The larger ones are not suitable for small spaces, as they can “erase” the remaining decoration.


  1.  Ask for samples of the patterns you want and test them at home before buying the pieces


  1.  If you want to apply pattern on your furniture, don´t forget the size of the piece in question. Just as a small sofa loses life with an equally small pattern, also a dining room chair would look disproportionate to a large standard.


  1. Use the patterns in a specific area of the room you are going to decorate. Look for balance also in pieces of furniture, which should not be overshadowed by the patterns used.


  1.  The carpet can be one of the most important patterns of space and the starting point for the remaining decoration. Start there.


  1. A geometric pattern will work better with a circular pattern than with a floral pattern. Already the floral, you will find the perfect balance with paisleys or other motifs inspired by nature.


  1. Floral patterns soften the decor. The geometric ones, however, end up creating visual illusions. Do not be afraid to mix colors and patterns. Dare to do it and give a bold and special touch to your home today

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