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do you need a bigger house? With the rising value of real estate this recent years, it has been truly challenging to find our dreams house.

This is a problem that has been gaining strength, especially in big cities, causing many people to be forced to rent or buy houses with areas much smaller than they would like.

But how do we change our whole life into a small house and still make it look bigger?

It seems impossible, but it’s not.

Here are some tips that some interior design and organization experts have for you:


1. Organize From the First Minute

You must start organizing your home from the very first minute. Put each thing in its place and strive to continue doing it over time. It’s a way to get everything organized and clean.


It’s much easier to sort everything out at random. And just because it’s in a drawer and hidden, it looks like it’s already tidy. But it’s not. In the short/medium term, it can become uncomfortable. Suddenly, you no longer know where anything is and the drawers are jammed with things and the space is reduced.


The secret? Drawers, boxes, baskets, jars. Use and abuse them in every place in the house. Each one with their item or category. And if necessary, use labels to make it easier to identify.


Labels work very well on the stowage of your attic or garage if you have them. Use transparent boxes and organize your things by categories. When you need to look for that jacket you like or your old CDs, you’ll know exactly where they are and you’ll not need to mess anything up or waste time to find them. If you have a functional home, you’ll be able to save time.


2. Use Each Space and Be Creative

Now that you know where to start, look around and think about how you can use every space in your home, no matter how small and unlikely it may seem to you at first sight.


Even if your room “screams” couch and TV, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other things. The same goes for your attic or garage. Think about how you can use them to monetize your home space. What do you think of an office or a small gym?


You can also ask a professional to build custom cabinets and pieces of furniture for you, serving more than one function, such as cupboards with small built-in tables or a table for your living room with plenty of storage for your books and magazines.


And that little space under the stairs? Don’t you find it just perfect to put the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies?


There are more spaces in your home that you can use than you think. Any corner can be converted into organizational space and we’re sure that your home will look much bigger and more organized.


3. Don’t Put Things on The Floor

Of course, there are things you can’t avoid putting on the floor, like carpets and furniture. But if you want to keep your house organized, don’t use the floor as storage space.


This applies to everything and especially to toys. If you have children you know exactly what we are talking about. We always tend to put the toys in a corner thinking that we’re tidying up, but in reality, we aren’t.


As we have already told you in another article that a good way to keep your home tidy with children at home, among other things, is to use boxes. Use boxes to place your children’s toys and do the same for the other items you have.


4. Use Some Tricks

To make your home look bigger than it is, apart from having to keep it always well organized, there are some tricks that it’s always good to remember.

Use large mirrors in the decor. A well-placed mirror will open up any space and create the illusion that the whole house is larger than it is in reality.


Open the spaces. If possible, lay down walls (between the kitchen and the living room, for example). Spaces without walls become larger.

One of the most common mistakes in interior design is placing short curtains in small spaces. When placing curtains, make sure these are as long as possible, even if the windows are small. Hang them by the ceiling and let them touch the floor. It will make your home look bigger.


This trick is a bit obvious, but we don’t always remember it: use upright furniture and the highest possible ones. Bunk beds, vertical shelves for toys and high bookshelves.

They are beautiful touches and you still win. You win space.


5. Choose Well

This may be one of the most important points.


When we move to a new home, what we want most is to put it in the “our way” and buy everything we can to make it perfect.

Also, friends and family offer us new things and our kids want to buy all the toys they find.

But there comes a time when you have to say ‘no’, no matter how hard it may be. If you want to keep your house organized, you need to be very picky about what leads into it.

If you’re thinking of buying something new for your home, make sure that this thing will serve various functions and it’s not just another thing duplicated, which adds nothing more than space.

Again, this happens a lot with toys. Before buying another toy, think about where it will go. If you don’t have room for it and you’ll complicate or ruin the whole system of organization you created, don’t buy it.


You can also teach your children to negotiate and give away toys, which can be truly useful for them in the future.

Show them that they can have a new toy if they give up on one they already have and that they can donate the other one to a child with fewer toys than they have, for example. Try this tactic and you’ll not accumulate or lose space in your home.

Living in a small space can be a real challenge, but it’s not impossible. If you clean the house often and follow the tips we show you, you’ll not only realize it works, but also become less consumerist, saving money.


Small spaces have another amazing advantage: you have less space to clean!


Do you live in a small house? What more tricks do you know to keep the house organized and to make it look bigger than it is? Share with us in the comments.




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