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How many of us spend most of our time in the workplace?


The days have 24 hours, about 8 hours are spent sleeping, 2 hours to eat and 2 others are spended to prepare to go to sleep, prepare food or prepare to go to work another 8 hours a day, when it is no more. So, there is very little time left for leisure activities.


This is one of the main reasons why our workplace should be a place that does us good, that motivates us and makes us lose track of time, not because we have reams and reams of work accumulated on the desk, but because it is a nice place and where you feel like spending time.


Many employers are not really aware of how crucial this factor is for their companies, but nowadays things are starting to change little by little and finally one begins to realize that what makes the economy spin is people , who helps to build a company are the people and who can make them reach a chaotic end are also the people. And when we talk about people, we are not just referring to managers or their customers, but to their employees, who allow the whole business plan designed to work and circulate as well as the pulleys of a large and powerful well-oiled engine.


So, if to a machine works we have to treat it the best way and make sure it has the perfect conditions to work properly, why do not we do the same with the people of our companies? Is this not the best investment ever made? Without a shadow of doubt it is.


A collaborator who works in a pleasant place, with beautiful decoration, art spread all over walls, live plants, places of leisure etc, is a place that wakes up with more desire to go to work. And a collaborator who wakes up motivated and happy, produces more and better, naturally and spontaneously.


And there are countless things that are possible to implement in a company so that it becomes a successful business. Forget the salary increase or so-called incentives, because these only produce momentary satisfaction. The human being, in addition to recognition, needs to feel motivated, safe and quiet in his workplace. Only in this way is it possible to transform an “ordinary” collaborator into a loyal worker.


In addition to improving the quality of interpersonal relationships, there is a wide range of new things that can be implemented at the design level, that will increase everyone’s overall well-being, motivation and productivity of a company. The colors, the arrangement of the materials and the workplaces… finally, hundreds of new things.


Just think about your company. Answer these questions now: Where do you want to go? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you want to be recognized? How would you like people in your company to talk about their place of work? How much do you want to increase your company’s productivity? Do you think you can do it yourself?


When thinking about the future and where we want to go, we are able to draw up a personalized plan capable of transforming the quality of life of all the people who are in the company and taking it to a much higher level in a short space of time.


The ideal is that each company and brand have their own personalized space that shouts its personality and that make the people who are there “dress the shirt” voluntarily. For this, it is necessary to know well the history, the positioning and the plans / objectives of the company.

But for now, let me give you some very succinct tips that you can start applying immediately to your company and that will surely bring some fresh air to it.

Put them into practice and notice what these little changes will bring:

1 – In a dailiy basis get rid of everything that is waste and do not be reusable. Do not leave things you do not wear in plain sight. Keep everything in drawers and baskets.

2 – Use bold fabrics, colors and patterns. Take chances and give life to the spaces. Too many whites provide cuts in productivity and creativity.

3 – Spread motivational phrases across the rooms.

4 – Use curtains, rugs and plants to make the space more welcoming and at the same time more lively.

5 – Use strong colors and wallpapers (study “color psychology” well before choosing them.) A blue does not convey the same as a red one, for example.

6 – Keep things within reach so that, as we mentioned in a previous article, where we tell you how you can increase your company’s productivity, do not lead to productivity cuts. Besides functional, the space must be ergonomic.

7 – If possible, create a leisure space, a nice and pleasant loungue, where your employees can relax in the coffee break or even make small creative brainstorms.


Click here and see one of the jobs we have done for a company in Lisbon.

It’s time to make some changes, is not it? Let’s do it.

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