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You decided to risk and buy that special property to create your own hostel but don’t know how to decorate it? First, think about the people you want to attract to your hostel. Who are those people? What do they do? Which are their interests and tastes? This makes it a little easier to start designing an interior design project.


One thing is transversal to all people: when someone searches for a hotelor hostel, they expect to find the comfort and hygiene they have at home, but with a bit of luxury and refinement in the mix, so that the cost-benefit is satisfactory and can still spend a relaxing and enjoyable moment outside the daily routine.


Create functional environments with some architectural irreverence. Remember that in addition to beautiful, space should be comfortable. After all, if they chose your hostel to spend the night and if they do not rest well, they will not be satisfied and the reviews will never be positive.


A hostel, although customers expect something more low-cost (especially in price), should make life easier for people. Therefore, adding fluidity to the environment and providing unique moments to the guest is essential. A beautiful and thoughtful decor, with amusement and leisure spaces added, is as important as a comfortable mattress. Everyone, even all the details matter.


1 – Theme

Before starting to decorate, it is important to think about the theme of the hostel or each area of it. Romantic, oriental, contemporary, cinematic, rock’n’roll, radical, vintage or any other style you want to incorporate into the environment: study the audience you want to shelter and decorate your hostel in a way that pleases you. Use your creativity to your advantage, but don’t overdo it. Don’t mix themes so the room is not overloaded. However, a different theme on each division can become quite interesting.


2 – Region

A decoration adapted to the environment in which the hostel is inserted makes the property stand out. With typical architecture and decoration, the space becomes cozy and gives the feeling of belonging to the place by the guests.


Therefore, if the hostel is next to the beach, bet on a lighter decor with traditional colors, local fabrics and beach objects.


If you are in the mountains, as the weather is colder, you should invest in dark colors and more rustic furniture. The place where the Hostel is inserted should be one of the most important points to tconsider when designing the decoration of your space.


3 – Less is more

As it is already our habit to say, “less is more”. The goal is to make the guest positively surprised by the decor, so choose the objects well. If you prefer to abuse the objects of decoration, paint the walls in neutral colors and opt for smoother and more compact furniture. It is important to have balance and an intelligent combination of all the elements.


4 – Walls

The color and texture of the walls of your hostel can resize the space or cause your guest to be transported to another place. Mirrors, wallpapers, works of art are some of your options and they all have the power to convey different sensations. The mirrors, give amplitude to the spaces. Frames with landscapes or photographs, can convey tranquility. Everything depends on what you want to convey to those who enter your hostel. Colors are equally important because they all emanate a different energy. Think about what you want to convey in each of the areas.


5 – Lighting

As we always say in our articles, lighting is essential. The interiors require a visual and aesthetic complement to make the place more beautiful, attractive and elegant. This case is the only one where the “less is more” rule does not apply. The brighter the space, the better. Bet on focal points and abuse mostly natural lighting. If you want to leave the place even more luxurious, use the mirrors so that the lighting is diffused.


6 – The kitchen

All hostels have a kitchen at guest’s disposal. In addition to delicious food (and with many options), you should be aware of every detail of the kitchen and / or dining room. Mix small tables with running tables. Choose beautiful dishes and the opportunity for guests to cook if they wish, with all the necessary utensils at their disposal. Make them feel at home, but with details that only your hostel can give them.


7 – Multifunctional furniture

Typically, hostels have smaller areas. For this reason, multifunctional furniture is the most appropriate options for these spaces. The most classic multifunctional furniture is the sofa with bed. But there are also other pieces of this type, such as bunk beds, folding tables, niches, staircases with drawers, chests that divide the environment, chests that serve as benches, among others. Invest in this type of furniture to decorate your hostel, to have more space while ensuring everything you need.


The choice of color is truly important if you want to give harmony to the environment. The furniture is important for the personalization of the place, the lighting is essential to complement the look and the decorative objects are to finish off the decoration of any environment.


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