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One of the big milestones in our life is our first home. When we finally got the key – our first key – it’s like a new world and a new life, full of challenges and opportunities, opens up.

The moment to decorate our home is unforgettable. And when the first Christmas is about to come, we get a sick feeling in our stomach. The thrill of choosing the first Christmas decorations is part of that wonderful feeling of being able to call our first home a true home. But where should you start when you absolutely need everything? See the tips we have for you and give yourself the perfect Christmas in your first home.


Start with the basics

The most important element of Christmas is – and always will be – the tree. Start there. A “real” tree is always the best option, but the artificial ones can also build a beautiful decoration (and they have the advantage of staying intact for several years).


In reality, it all comes down to your own taste and preferences. There are benefits in the experience of choosing your own tree and having it fresh at home (especially, that smell of nice and unmistakable pine needles), but beyond the durability, as we said above, the artificial tree can be just perfect, having the branches all in the right places.


Let the tree shine


After choosing the tree, the most fun part came: decorating her. Buy enough elements to fill the entire tree. Choose well the color(s) you want and decorate the tree and do it in layers. Remember that lighting is the most important. Start out there, choosing the best lights, and don’t allow any spots on the tree without lighting.


Choose well the color palette


Like in any interior design project, the color palette is the most important element (or one of the most importants). With the color scheme, you can define whether the decoration will be traditional or contemporary. Golden, red and green or silver and white are classic choices that make any home stylish. However, in the last years new and irreverent options of colors have appeared, and they also can be a good choice for you. The most important thing is that you like the decoration and that you identify with it.


The trend colors for this year are the frosty blue and the tones of festive flower jewelry, including pink fuchsia and red oxblood. If you’re still not sure whether to risk these unusual new colors or not, start with silver or gold with a touch of white as a base and use an extra tone as a highlight color.


Decoration elements

The most challenging part is now complete. It’s time to go to the funniest part: the decorative elements of Christmas. The base of any Christmas tree is the little notes that make it up. Now that you have defined your color palette, invest in decorative pieces of the base (central) color that you chose and spread it across the tree. Once the elements of your base color are already in your tree, take the other pieces of the other colors and start complementing the decoration. It is best to put one color at a time so that the decoration of your tree is homogeneous. The remaining decor of your home should have details that perfectly match the tree. And remember, your Christmas decoration collection is something you can add year after year when you see pieces that catch your eye.


What we consider to be more important when designing your Christmas decoration is that it faithfully reflects your personality. More than elegant, beautiful and easily appreciated by others, your decor should make you feel comfortable and ‘at home’.


What is that one thing that can’t be missed in your Christmas decor? Share with us in the comments.

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