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Our workplace influences our performance at work. Although we all have different ways of being and different tastes, there are some interior design details that make all the difference in our productivity. And of course, to our general well-being, which influences everything and everyone around us.

Working from home, where, as a rule, you are alone, can become truly challenging. Although the loneliness and silence that persist have a wide range of positive points and in favor of progress, they also end up giving wings to distractions, since you are working in the same space where you have at your disposal your areas of leisure, making procrastination an easy and highly seductive target.

When working from home, we should pay more attention on working on our focus and concentration, beginning with defining working hours, since we have no one to do it for us. And without a doubt, the space where you work is a very powerful variable. The right decor will make you feel more motivated and committed to your work, making your productivity levels increase greatly in a very short time. Every detail of your home counts and influences your happiness.

To help you create and refresh your own inspirational space, we’ve put together some photos that will inspire you. And even if you already feel like you’ve been working on the pace you want, believe us when we say that the improvements in the environment will improve your performance.

But before that, we want to remind you that it’s very important that the space where you work every day inspires you and also reflects your personality. One of the first steps in starting your interior design project is to think about colors and lighting. If you don’t have the natural light you need in this area (the ideal type of light), use LED lamps, ideal for illuminating art pieces or the plants you may use to decorate this space.

Another important aspect to consider is the heating system of the house. The temperature of your body dictates your comfort, and your comfort dictates your energy, focus, and motivation to work. Always keep your office at nice and pleasant temperature.

As we mentioned before, and even in other articles we have written, color palette is truly important when it comes to developing a new interior design project and these colors should be chosen according to your professional activity and personal taste. The light colors leave the environment more calm and serene, and the use of warm colors invites joy and self-confidence. Each color has its meaning and of course, all of them have and emanate a very specific energy. So think carefully about the tones with which you paint your new office.



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