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A very traditional-looking house, a little dated, becomes an extremely welcoming modern space. To this end, the entire layout was rethought and the interior of the house was structurally remodeled, ensuring better use of spaces.

On the ground floor, a large open space was created, comprising the entrance hall, the living and dining rooms, and the kitchen in a generously sized space. The staircase was completely replaced, reducing in space occupied but gaining prominence. The black iron structure and the dense clapboard that serves as a guard make it the centerpiece of the entire house.

The earth tone ceramic gave way to a comfortable floating floor in light wood, harmonizing with the paneling that hides the support unit in the entrance hall, which closes the office and the shared bathroom and ends in the large kitchen dispenser unit.

The bathrooms are tiled in gray ceramic in imitation stone and cement to create a natural environment, complemented with elegant matte black fittings and wooden cabinets.
An “after” that made the house unrecognizable, adapted to the daily life of the young family that inhabits it.

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