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The place where we work greatly influences our job performance. Although we all have different ways of being and different tastes, there are some details in interior design that make all the difference when it comes to our productivity. And of course, to our general well-being, which influences everything and everyone around us.

Working from home, where very possibly at the moment you have the whole family with you, can be truly challenging. There will inevitably be distractions. In addition to working in the same space where you have your leisure areas at your disposal, you still have all the requests of children throughout the day, thus making procrastination an easy and highly seductive target.

In the last few days and through various channels, there have been many tips on how to stay focused, even with the whole family at home. Worth exploring!

But, how does interior design help your productivity?

When we work from home, we must pay extra attention to working on our focus and concentration, starting with stipulating hours of work, in case your company does not do it previously. And without a doubt, space, where you work, is a very powerful variable. Even if you do not have a division dedicated to this purpose, the right decoration of the space will make you feel more motivated and committed to your work, making your productivity levels have great increases in a very short time. Every detail of your home counts and influences your happiness.

To help you create and update your own inspiring space, we’ve put together some photos that will inspire you. And even if you already feel that you have been working at the desired pace, believe that the improvements in the environment will make you improve your performance even more.

Lighting and color

But before that, we want to remind you that it is very important that space, where you work every day, inspires you and also reflects your personality. One of the first steps when starting your interior design project is to think about colors and lighting. If you don’t have the natural light you need in this area (the ideal type of light), use LED lamps, ideal for illuminating the decorative pieces or plants you use in the space.

As we mentioned earlier, and even in other articles we wrote, the color palette is really important when designing a new project. These colors must be chosen according to your professional activity and your taste. The light colors make the environment more calm and serene, while the use of warm colors ends up inviting joy and self-confidence to enter. Each color has its meaning and, of course, they all have and emanate their energy. So think carefully about the tones that will be around you in your workspace. Use them in details as small as the pieces on your table, or the blanket you use.


Another important aspect to take into account is heating. Your body’s temperature dictates your comfort, and your comfort dictates your energy, focus, and motivation to work. Always keep your workspace at a pleasant and pleasant temperature.

Inspirational objects

Decorate the space with images and objects that inspire you. Add flowers, pictures, photographs and images that remind you of your dreams and goals. A kind of “vision board”, that will keep you always focused and oriented towards the destination you aspire to.

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