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Every time technology is more present in our lives, facilitating communication, labor, management, and operation of our homes and our daily routines.

Today we want to tell you about home automation, which is a more or less complex way to allows us to use smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, which combined with virtual assistants, sensors, timers, and cameras allow you to control the house remotely and in real-time.

Ideally, the automation projects for a new house should be thought out and created at the same time as the interior architecture project, depending on how you intend to use each room.

However, if it is a remodeling, the market also offers several options that allow you to automate the home, essentially through Wi-Fi.

Home automation brings several advantages, we will give you some examples:


– Safety, comfort, and life quality

On/off lights, heating, TV, open and close blinds and curtains, create a specific environment for each time of day, are some of the many tasks that no longer have to be made by you and become planned and carried out with a simple touch.

Imagine the possibility of a system connected to your GPS, which knowing how far you are from home starts all the preparation for your arrival: turn on the lighting, heat the compartments, start the preparation of your dinner, unlock the door and prepare a hot coffee!

The possibilities are endless and can go through complex or simpler systems. It will always depend on what you desire and need.

On the other hand, these systems can allow you, even away from home, to be able to see what is happening inside and outside, activating or deactivating whatever is most convenient to you. You can also activate alarms, block doors, be warned of gas or water leaks, and much more.


– Sustainability and economy

Concern for the environment has been one of the points most focused on by our customers when they request interior projects.

We find part of the answer to this concern in home automation, as the ease of control combined with electronic consumption metering systems, will allow you to understand how you can manage and reduce energy, gas, and water costs, making your home much more efficient, economical and sustainable.


Home automation and Interior Design

At Maria Vilhena Interior Design we seek to use the most current trends in our projects, looking for the systems that best suit each client, according to their daily routines and needs.

And if you imagine that these devices may interfere negatively with the aesthetics of the space, be disappointed. There are solutions on the market today that fit harmoniously into each compartment, without compromising functionality.

It is possible to choose sensors, displays, switches, etc. in different finishes, even with hidden installation solutions. You will thus be able to have an elegant, clean, and fully adapted space to your life and personality as if it were an extension of you.


Want to know how you can change the way you live in your home? Contact us to have a project tailored to your needs.

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