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With the family at home, the routines change and space always seems little for how much you do and live daily. This can be a good time to rethink your home and make it more functional, whether for the current moment or thinking about a future (we hope close) of resuming the usual routines.

The idea is to have a practical house that works perfectly for your day-to-day life and that still brings comfort.

All parts must be useful

In a practical house all objects must fulfill a function and they are all used.

Take a paper and a pen and start writing now. Evaluate your daily routine well: what do you do in the morning, what areas and objects do you use? What works and what may be missing?

As you write, you’ll find that they use the same things every day, in much the same way. Is something missing? What could be more? Get rid of everything you don’t need and put everything you use regularly in a practical way.

Everything in its place

Then make a new list of activities that you usually have at home with your family.

Now write down all the furniture and accessories you use to carry out these activities. What’s more? And where could these things be to save you time and have everything more organized?

We challenge you to walk around your house and look around and notice the things you use most and the things that are definitely of no use (and functionality).

What you don’t use, keep it for later to donate. What they use regularly, place them where they are easy and quick to reach. They seem like small things, but it is these small changes that will make the new routines simpler and prepare you to start saving time and quality of life. Try it.

 We call it “unscrambling to organize”. And what will you name this process?

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