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Today I want to leave you the inspiring trends of decoration Spring-Summer for this year:



The ‘Wabi-Sabi’ concept, is carefree and easy to apply, finding beauty in imperfection. The important thing here is authenticity and staying true to yourself. This concept – and tendency – goes back to Japan from the 15th century and finds its basis in the ideals of Buddhism, which has the acceptance of impermanence as one of its precepts.


This concept is closely linked to the slow living, which seeks to slow down and focus on what is usually left out in everyday life.



This year, colors are asserted in jungle prints and deep green colors.



Besides the prints that go back to the tropical and the nature, the great tendency has been “the natural one”. More living plants, furniture and natural materials that provide a cooler and livelier environment.



This is not news, is it? This year’s trend is green, green, green! This is the color that will dominate the homes in 2018.



Traditionally used in hardwood floors, the “fishbone” is ready to be a grandiose look in 2018, updated with colors such as lilac, green or classic black and white.


Ice cream ball

One of the trends of this spring-summer is also to mix pastel colors in order to give the spaces a soft and at the same time daring look.

Green pistacio, light blue and pink, for example, contrast very well and create a vibrant color palette, but without overloading our senses.


Anxious to tryt? We are!


Leave us a comment and tell us which trend you like best and which one you already use or would like to apply in your home or office.

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