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Whether it is a dedicated division or the use of space, the home office should be a space that fits your lifestyle. It must be very functional and reflect your wishes and ambitions.
At a time when telecommuting appears to be a very necessary practice to combat the pandemic that is plaguing the world, we want to help you design a welcoming, elegant workspace where you can be very productive.
After we gave you some tips on how to transform your home workspace into a place of high productivity, today we show you some of the home office projects developed for our clients.


Small spaces, maximum refinement

A small mezzanine has been transformed into a refined office. Noble materials such as marble stone and golden metal were harmoniously combined with the lightness of glass and light upholstery, composing the essential furniture, custom-made.

Because it is located in an apartment with more classical structural elements, bold black shelving with marble shelves was designed for this office, which contrasts, yet, with the lightness of the glass desk and the large light gray rug. The mix of styles creates a luxurious interior for both work and moments of greater recollection.


In the most unlikely corners, luxury is the keyword

At the end of a corridor, in an unused corner, a sophisticated workspace was created, where the custom-designed walnut desk harmonizes with the black stone and the freshness of the plants that decorate it. Leather chairs and modern design lamps complete the desired exclusivity.


The whole family has a place here

The period we are going through allows us to realize the importance of everyone having adequate space for their activities. And a place where adults can work and children to study, whether at different times, or all together, can be essential for a more organized and serene family dynamic.

For this family, this place was designed in neutral tones and with lots of storage for everyone. The furniture of contemporary and striking lines was arranged to create a workspace and an area for greater relaxation in an elegant and comfortable armchair.


The same space, different activities

But if you don’t want to occupy the entire division just for this purpose, we suggest a combination of activities that complement each other.

For this space a divider/bookcase was designed, which marks 2 spaces, allowing the owners to alternate between work and leisure. The tonality of the floor and slatted wood homogenizes the whole ambiance that was intended to be sober, but elegant, marked by the black of the block and decorative details.

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