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Decorating a small space can be quite challenging. If you have already done it, or are planning to do so, you know exactly what I am talking about.
I leave you a list of those I consider to be the 8 steps you should avoid when you decide to decorate a space with small dimensions:

1. Forget the natural light – Natural light is one of the best friends of this kind of spaces. Maximize this light by using mirrors on opposite walls so they can reflect light. Choose semi-transparent or light-colored curtains so light can pass through them.

2.Have a varied color palette- If your home has several small spaces, connect these spaces through a homogeneous color palette. Do the same with the materials and decorating style in general. It will help the space to flow naturally.

3. Leave spaces unfilled – Make the most use of your space, from floor to ceiling. Build shelves, add seats built into them. Be creative.

4. Non-acceptance of space – What is the point of denying and being discontented with the space you have just because it is small? The sooner you accept what you have, the faster you’ll be able to turn that space into an incredible and elegant place.
Choose side tables, put the TV on the wall … use the walls, as I’ve said, from floor to ceiling. You will see that it will look fantastic! Explore and try.

5. Accumulate things you do not use – Evaluate everything you have. Do you really need all those things that are only occupying the space, that is so necessary and precious? Maybe it’s time to offer or sell some things.

6. Not realizing the power of mirrors – The mirrors duplicate the visual space and reflect light and color, as I mentioned before. The spaces will inevitably look bigger. Use and abuse them.

7. Wasting valuable spaces – Use every inch you find empty in your home (or specific space). If your kitchen, for example, is small, use the underside of the top cupboards to hang cups and store the drawers and doors for visually unattractive things. Look around you and take a good look at all the niches you’ll be able to use from now on.

8. Play safely – While advising the homogeneity of colors and materials between divisions, this does not mean that your home needs to be monotonous just because it is small. Incorporate striking decorative patterns and details, for example.
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