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From time to time, we need to change all our home or decorate it in a different and special touch. But it’s not always easy. For many decoration magazines that we buy or hours spend on Pinterest, we never know very well what to do or how to do it.

The market is constantly bringing us new concepts, trends, and styles. These are the things that interior design professionals need to be always informed in order to provide their clients with the best, most beautiful and current designs.

Despite the trends – which we have been careful to show you – we all know that fashion is cyclical and there are always styles, to decorate our houses or notes that keep or repeat.

Today, we want to show you some of the best interior design tips used by professionals, which will be truly useful if you want to give a new life to the decoration of your home and still help friends and family who want to innovate and do the same as you.


1. Open Spaces


The convenience of this type of spaces is notorious. The walls are spared and the breadth and easy circulation are favored. Of course, for the result to be successful, it’s convenient to be careful in terms of decoration and maintain a visual harmony through the correct choice of colors and furniture. Works flawlessly if you have a small house. You’ll notice that, suddenly, your home seems much larger than it actually is.


2. Use Vibrant Colors Furniture Parts


This is an effective option to beautify the spaces of your home and create a seductive composition. The colored furniture piece can be red, green, blue, yellow, or any other color that creates an interesting environment. These pieces will give an irreverent and very interesting touch to your home, especially if the rest of the decoration is ruled by neutral colors, where these pieces can stand out.


3. Use Points of Light Above Your Frames


If you’ve ever been to a museum or art gallery, you can imagine how these points of light will be. Simply place a lamp on top of your favorite paintings in order to brighten them and give it a touch of extraordinary refinement.


4. Plants Throughout the House


As we have spoken last year and also in the previous article, plants always give a very natural and delicate touch to all areas, and they continue to be the big trend next year. To create a more original and organic environment in your home, place the plant next to a large window so that it can receive all the sunlight necessary to keep it beautiful and healthy.

But one it’s not enough. There is nothing nicer than seeing small plants all over the house. Among the most famous are the cacti: beautiful and easy to maintain and the best choice to give a unique and modern touch to the environment.


5. Decorate with an Industrial Style


When it comes to modern decorating ideas, bricks are one of the most commonly used materials today. They are used in their natural form without any kind of finishing. For the perfect contemporary look using bricks, bet on an industrial-style décor.


6. Tiles in Your Kitchen


The kitchen walls are essential to create the mood that prevails in the living room, especially if you opted for the first tip and you have open spaces. But if you think the current color of your kitchen wall is boring, colored tiles may be a great option for you. This is a modern decor idea that will create a dynamic and irreverent look in this area of ​​the home.


7. The Bed as a Key Element


We all dream of having a room like we see in magazines, a real hotel room in our house. But how can we achieve this? Using good tissues in bed may be a good start. In addition, soft cushions, blankets, and sheets are good allies for a quiet and comfortable home. But remember that this is your private universe and if there is a space in your house that can be daring to decorate, this space is your room. And the best part? It does not have to be the same color as the rest of the house. Use vibrant colors and mixed patterns.

Do you know any other decorating tips that you consider essential? Share with us in the comments.

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