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The day we pick up the key to our first home is a truly special day. It’s the beginning of a new stage, the beginning of a new life. It is as if we’re leaving a reality, to embrace another. A completely new and blank reality, waiting for us to pick up the brushes and start coloring it the way we want it and the way we like it.

This is how you should see your first home. A blank canvas that you can paint the way you want.

It’s not always easy. Or the house already has some features that we can’t change completely, or our budget is too short for the size of our desires and ambitions. However, there are a few tricks you can use that will make all the difference if you want to have your first home as you idealized it.


1. Kitchen


By rule, the first homes have small areas. For this reason, we advise you to take the best of your space. Place a mug holder on the wall or even under the top cabinets of your kitchen, for example. You can also add a special touch with tiles in different patterns or a counter with tall benches. Plan and choose well all the things you need to have at your disposal. Organization is very important and it will save you time, as we have shown in another article about how to have a functional home.


2. Living room


Make the most of every square foot of your home. Remember to buy furniture proportional to the space and don’t buy more than you need. Less is more!

Measure the areas and be careful by leaving room to move freely. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also conveys comfort while making the space more airy and lighter.


If you can opt for a large couch, perfect. The couch is the king of the living room! If it’s not possible, buy a smaller couch, but always taking comfort as a mandatory requirement. We also advise you to use white paint on the walls. Doing that you’ll be able to blend freely with more bold furniture and décor. These tips are valid for your entire home.


3. Customize


It’s your first home and should have your personal “stamp”. Imagine that someone will visit your home without knowing that it is yours. Will this person know that the house is yours only by the interior design and vibration that emanates? You must personalize the spaces of your house with various details that easily match your personality. You will feel truly comfortable and with that incredible sense of “Home, sweet home.”


4. Cozy Room


Even if the budget is tight, you should always opt for a cozy bedroom. Remember, the room is a place to sleep, relax and recharge your batteries. Therefore, it doesn’t need to have many things, much less distracting elements. A good bed, with beautiful pillows and comfortable bedding, are the essentials.


If you can put in the bedroom a small armchair or a chaise-longue and an abatjour in the room to put your readings up to date or relax while listening to music or enjoying the silence, perfect. If you don’t have the free space for that – in the bedroom or your wallet – focus on building the most beautiful and comfortable bed of your life.


5. Bathroom


Do as much as you can to get the bathroom as you like. Change the mirror, arrange towels, rugs, plants and add a touch of color and life to your bathroom. If you can create a mini spa to relax and reconnect at the end of the day, don’t hesitate. We have the ideal tips to get it done without professional help.


Lembre-se também do seu hall de entrada, da sua varanda ou terraço, caso os tenha. Cada espaço, por mais pequeno que seja, deve ter a sua especial atenção. A sua primeira casa é o seu refúgio, o seu ponto de encontro e conexão. Transforme-a na casa que sempre sonhou.

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