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Today, with the family at home, taking time out for yourself becomes a real challenge! He ends up taking more time at work than he should, he has to prepare lunch and dinner for the whole family; runs for everyone to have some of their time …

And suddenly, behold, the clock strikes at midnight and only thinks about falling into bed to sleep at least 6 hours. Another day passed and there was no time left for him.

But, what if you had a place in your home where you would be able to escape the world? What if you could create a haven indoors to relax and recharge your batteries?

It’s time to remodel your bathroom and transform it into a true SPA! What do you think?

I want to share some tricks with you so that you can start planning this space (and a completely renewed and happier life). If you need to buy some items, there are many online stores with beautiful and quality options…

1. Light

As in any space, lighting is extremely important. An interesting option is the RGB LED lamps, which offer sensations to the environment. Showers with lighting are great for those who bet on chromotherapy (color therapy). But something as simple as warm and dim lights are a “must-have” in these environments.

2 .Textures

Opt for cotton towels and rugs, boxes and decorative items made of materials that appeal to nature. This combination will create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

3. Colors

The ideal colors for peaceful environments are neutral and pastel tones. White and beige are always good options, conveying tranquility. Blue is considered a calming color and is suitable for larger areas, such as a wall. Green has a character tranquilizer and is also indicated for walls or even with the use of plants.


Remember to decorate the space with flowers and plants. Nature makes up this environment in a very elegant way. Choose species that adapt to humid and dark environments.

5. Your SPA and the 5 senses

Last but not least, think about the 5 senses.

A truly perfect spa environment should appeal to them simultaneously.

When you think about remodeling and decorating your new private SPA, think about them too. Then, automatically, you will not only think about colors and decoration but also aromatizing candles, soft creams, hot oils, melodic music, soothing teas, and soft, comfortable towels, and robes.

Can you imagine how amazing it will look? You will finally be able to relax after another tiring day. Even if it’s only 15 minutes when everyone is asleep. More than that … you will be able to spend a few minutes of your day for yourself and your well being.


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