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You always wanted to have a weekend near the beach but you never have free time? Would you like to have a house on the beach but you can’t invest now?

With little decorating tricks, you’ll be able to recreate that incredible feeling of a seaside retreat in your own home. How? We show you.

Don’t be afraid to risk it. We all make mistakes when decorating our homes, but with a little inspiration and imagination you will be able to transform your home in a simple and affordable way, without having to spend a fortune.


1 – Colors


The first step is choosing the color palette for your “new beach house“. Get inspired in the sun, the waves of the sea and the relaxed atmosphere of the beach to decide the appropriate color of paint to be used. The secret to choosing the perfect color is to start with inspiration.


Choose white and navy blue or light blue for the decoration of your beach house. But remember the green magnolia, a rich and natural color that can be combined with smooth and soothing blues.


2 – Plants


Choose some plants like ferns, palm trees or orchids. In addition to being highly beneficial to your health, combined with the other tricks we give you, they are a bold way to make you feel in the tropics.


3 – Whites


White is a color but deserves a special highlight. Use this tone as much as you can. If you can’t do it with the pieces of furniture, apply it on the fabrics and the decorative pieces: carpets, cushions, sofa covers, bedding, curtains and even kitchen crockery. This crystalline color will send you immediately to the serenity of the beach.


4 – Balcony


Do you have a patio, porch or a balcony? Turn them into an oasis. If you can, buy garden furniture in wicker and light tones. Decorate with items that remind you of the beach and use some white candles for your summer nights. A pergola is also a great choice if you have a garden.


5 – Rustic


Add a rustic touch to your decor. To give your home a look and feel similar to the beautiful beach houses, cover your wall with rustic panels.

In addition to the walls, these panels that resemble bleached or aged wood may also be applied to the ceiling.


6 – Natural


To create a soothing atmosphere – typical of the beach – use natural woods and fibers such as linen, cotton, rope, reed, bamboo and wicker. Integrate these materials into your décor through furniture and accessories such as carpets, cushions, curtains or baskets.


7 – Nautical


Nautical elements are always good options for creating a beach atmosphere, don’t you think?

Wooden shovels, buoys, shells, logs, lobster cages and surfboards can be great options. Remember that you should always match the rest of the decor.


8 – Stripes


The beach house decor is never complete without the famous blue-white, red-white or even yellow-white stripes. To complement the decoration of your new beach house, in addition to the stripes (which you can use in the most varied pieces), also use marine images: fishes, anchors, shells, starfishes, shells, boats, seahorses, waves, sandals and anything that reminds you of the beach.

In a few hours you can create the beach house you’ve always dreamed of. And best of all is that these notes can be added in the summer and stored in winter.


Is it now that you’re going to turn your house into a beach house? Share with us in the comments.


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