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We are in the last quarter of the year, the ideal time to start planning the new year ahead. The beginning of a new year brings with it the idea of a new life and is often the lever we need to start that new project, the new diet, the city change or even the total transformation of our home decor.

The changes can be challenging, since they imply the exit of our zone of comfort. But a new interior design project will bring you a breath of fresh air and above all, an extra motivation to start other equally positive changes in your life.

Next year brings some unusual interior design trends, but at the same time truly enchanting and exciting ones: pastel colors of ice cream, geometric patterns and a reinvention of the Scandinavian style.

Today we want to give you some suggestions to get inspired in the decoration of your new home, your new life.


1 – Earthy Tones


You just need to flip through a decorating magazine or follow your Instagram or Pinterest feed to realize that this color palette is back.

A transition to a more conscious life is reflected in the earth interiors and also in the greens. The beige and gray blend will also come back, in neutral tones and richer colors such as terracotta, deeper blues and warm greens.


2 – Japandi Style


The Scandinavian trend is not new and many believe it’s losing strength. However, it looks like the style was reinvented with Japandi.

This new style combines the modern and rustic vibrancy of Scandinavian design with the traditional elegance associated with the Japanese style. Together they end up forming a new form of minimalism.


3 – Ethnic Notes


The concept of globalization has an increasingly strong presence in our society. Today we are all just a click away and this privileged access is changing radically the way we live.

The consumer is more traveled and informed and wants to show this facet also in their homes with their bold décor choices.

Some of the most prominent designers have been drawing inspiration from Asian and African cultures and their tribes. These notes are present everywhere and that is exactly why they have become so modern and available to everyone.


4 – Wallpapers


The truth is that wallpapers hardly go out of style, but in 2019 they will become stronger. Make your wallpaper the king of your home. Choose flowery patterns, birds, clouds … whatever you like, as long as they “shock.”


5 – Ice Cream Colors


The colors of ice cream will be a big trend of interior design next year.

We suggest you use these colors on one or several walls. And if you feel brave enough, use accessories and pieces of furniture in these colors as well.


6 – Geometrics


Although we saw the geometry in 2017, it came mainly on cushions and rugs. This year is all about tiles, wallpaper and art.

The decor will no longer be just about accessories, furniture and wall painting. Floors and ceilings now begin to receive the attention they deserve, making it one of the great trends of the coming year.


7 – Ombré


Ombré is a new trend based on the transition from dark tones to light tones or from one tone to another. This technique, also called “gradient”, can be used in various details of your home. However, the implementation of this technique must be applied by those who are proficient in it or have an aptitude for the arts. Ideally, it’s safer to contact a professional.


8 – Greens


In a previous article, we show you the green and tropical notes as a great trend for 2018. The good news is that they have come to stay.

There is more than aesthetics in this trend: it is believed that plants are truly beneficial to health and help clean the air, as they absorb harmful chemicals and regulate humidity. It’s an inexpensive way to add instant color and glamor to your interior.


Feeling inspired? Which of these trends do you intend to use in the renovation of your home? Share with us in the comments and encourage us to write more.

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