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Those who already had the opportunity to stay in a hotel room are well aware of the incredible sense of well-being that momently offers them a new life. A more exquisite, lighter, more comfortable life. Almost the life of our dreams!

It is possible to bring the hotel room to your home, you know?

Typically, when designing and customizing a new room, hotels develop a color palette and scheme that fits the theme or location of the hotel (such as the desert or the beach, for example). Likewise, in developing the project of transformation of your particular sanctuary, it is important to remember that it must speak to your inner self, reveal your essence, and give you tranquility and peace.

The room is typically a haven or a “decompression point” of your home. And unlike a hotel room, which should appeal to many people, your room is unique and can and should be the reflection of your personal taste and style.

Follow these tips to transform your room into a luxurious and multifunctional space, just like a 5-star hotel room:



As in hotel rooms, create a number of specific areas in your room: a sleeping area (a bed), a reading area (where you can use an armchair and a lamp), an area where you can have breakfast or a simple meal, work area, bathroom and closet.

Very important: do your project before you start. Think about what is really important to you and plan everything well before you begin the transformation.





Comfort is the key. Sometimes there are details that we do not pay attention to and can even make all the difference. Make sure acoustics and ventilation are working properly and, if possible, insulate walls and add fabric walls with padded wall panels. These small readjustments help increase the comfort of the space.





If you really want a 5-star hotel room, use the same tricks:

– Lighting in the wardrobe (which turns on automatically when the door is opened)

– Lighting in the reading area and in the bed (which are individually controlled)

– Ample lighting in the bathroom – illuminated make-up mirror, suspended lighting in the dressing table, lighting in the bath area

Of course, use and abuse natural light whenever possible.




Late snacks

Incorporate a zone for drinks and snacks in your new room. If you want to add even more refinement, install a mini-bar or wine cooler and a sink (can be located near the entrance of the bathroom). You will then be able to enjoy a cool drink while reading your book or while simply relaxing at the end of the day. A real hotel room!





Think of “multipurpose”. Incorporate a turntable where you can watch TV while you work. If there is room for additional seating, instead of a standard chair, use a nice and comfortable chaise lounge or two high chairs.




The bed

The bed is really the most important in a room. How to make it as soft and comfortable as a 5-star hotel?

Step 1: Buy the best bed you can. Believe me, this will be the best investment you will make for your inner peace.

Step 2: Purchase high quality linens, including 300 thread count linens and duvets. The comfort they provide is absolutely extraordinary.

Step 3: Add decorative pillows to give a special touch and include a blanket at the end of the bed to protect the duvet and to use while reading your favorite book on the chaise longue.




Personal and exclusive

Last but not least, remember that this is your room, your refuge. A place for relaxation and rest. A place where one must truly feel in peace. Choose well the colors, the furniture and the arrangement of each article of decoration.

Many of the hotel rooms feature art magazines and local attractions, so guests feel a connection with the city they visit. For your own room, use any special items that make you feel connected and at peace. A picture, family photographs, a bookcase with your favorite books … anything that brings you peace and harmony.



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