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Our first home is a very special place. It’s like a milestone for our independence and emancipation. It’s the beginning of something new in our lives.

But when we open the door for the first time and we come across the empty walls, the first challenge arises: (how) to decor.


At the end of last year, we left you some tips for decorating your first home. Remember?

Today, we thought it would be important to mention the 7 most common mistakes in interior design and decoration. Mistakes we all make and we often don’t realize.

To become a true professional in the art of interior design, we have to show you the most common decorating mistakes

If you haven’t started decorating your home yet, you have arrived at the right time. If you have already decorated it, you will be able to correct the mistakes now.


Let’s do it?


1. Not seeing the house as “a whole”

A common mistake we see in many homes is the lack of continuity and homogeneity in the decoration. People don’t see the house as a whole, because instead of doing an interior design project for the whole house, they tend to do it for each area of the house separately.

It’s important to think about how each area of ​​the house will relate to the other and keep in mind that all decoration must flow naturally.


2. Take time to decorate

Decorating your home doesn’t mean you have to buy and decorate everything “now”.
Planning is extremely important. Make (or ask someone to do it for you) an interior design project for your new home and start decorating it slowly.

If you are in a hurry to see the whole house decorated, the risk of buying things you don’t like or things that you don’t need is huge. So be patient.


3. Forget about color testing

Painting the entire house without first testing is a huge mistake. Don’t paint the entire house without first testing just because you think you know what the perfect color is.

Even if you like a color a lot, when painted on the wall it may look different than you imagined. So we advise you to do some color tests before painting the walls of your house.


4. Putting everything to the wall

We tend to think that if we put everything on the wall things get tidier and organized. But this trend of interior decoration is fallacious.

For a much more interesting home, try not to lean all pieces of furniture to the wall. Enjoy all the space. Experiment.


5. Buying decor items in just one store

A very common mistake of decorating the first homes is to buy all the furniture and decoration elements in one store.
It’s easy to get carried away by the aesthetics of a single store but do your best to add a little variety to each space so it doesn’t look like you’re living in a model house or an interior design magazine.

Customize the house to your liking, with pieces from various locations.


6. Not considering the “personality” of the house

It’s normal to idealize the decoration of our house and want it to be “just like that”.

We take ideas from magazines, decor stores, our friends’ homes, and of course, when we like something, we want to replicate. However, this isn’t always possible and can go wrong.

It’s a very common mistake: to want to copy an interior design project without thinking about the peculiarities of our houses, such as the lighting, the texture of the walls and all the finishes and details.

Every detail is important. So before trying to “copy and paste” a style, watch your house carefully and do some testing first.


7. Decorate for the space you would like to have

Decorating our homes without thinking about the space and the existing decoration (or projected), is a mistake.

Buy decor elements taking into consideration the space you have and the decoration you have defined in your interior design project. Don’t buy on impulse just because you like a particular piece, forgetting that it doesn’t match the rest of the decor.


If you notice, all the interior decorating mistakes just mentioned converge in one: the inability to plan and see the decoration of your house as a whole.

So if you’re about to move or thinking about remodeling your home, consider these aspects.

Do you know any more mistakes you want to share with us? Leave us a comment below.


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