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The living room of our homes is that magical place where the whole family gets together and where various stories and everyday adventures are told between movies, blankets and unexpected naps. For this reason, this sacred area of our home must be meticulously created, combining beauty with the best of comforts.

But perfect conjugations are not always easy to achieve. And when we think we finally got it right, it seems like something is missing and we want to change it all over again. And when we don’t plan and design our tastes and dreams before implementing them, we run the big risk of making some mistakes on the way. Mistakes that, as a rule, negatively influence all the decoration and, consequently, the well-being and harmony of the whole family, since the decoration and each of its details plays a preponderant role in our state of mind.

Today, we have prepared for you those we consider to be the 7 most common mistakes in interior design of living rooms so you can be prepared to bypass them and decorate this special area of your home like a pro.


1 – Choosing the Wrong Couch


We will never get tired of saying this: the couch is really the king of any living room and, perhaps. of the whole house. A large and beautiful living room starts with a large and beautiful couch. It’s the key to comfort but it is also crucial that you take into consideration its design. Take a look at all the options on the market and then choose the perfect couch. Buying on impulse could be great for accessories or small tables, but it’s never good when it comes to buying a large couch because that can turn out to be a mistake that becomes very expensive for you. So take you time. A safe way to choose this element is to opt for the minimalist and simple. Pay attention to the fabric and the timelessness of its shape and avoid buying couches that have too many ornaments.


2 – Buying a Small Rug


Forget the little rugs in your living room and opt for large carpets that fills elegantly the entire floor. Large carpets can be expensive and can become a scary compromise, but it’s one of the most important aspects of a living room.


3 – Having a “Show Room”


Another mistake that plagues living rooms everywhere is the “showroom” style. In other words, a “showroom” room is a room that seems to have been bought at the store, exactly as it is exposed. It’s important to mix new elements to create an interesting, eclectic and personalized room. Don’t fall into the mistake of building a model room. Dare to create.


4 – Planning failed


As we told you at the beginning of this text, lack of planning leads to error. “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” So plan and design your living room before you begin to decorate. Where will each piece be and why, do you know? Plan before you take action and you’ll be able to have the room you’ve always dreamed of.


5 – Hanging Art Incorrectly


A badly positioned piece of art in your living room can become a disaster and ruin the whole decoration. It’s important to realize which piece of art you want and if it’s really suitable for that specific area. Keep this in mind before investing in overly expensive pieces that you will not be able to use later.


6 – Not Mixing Styles


Many people are afraid to risk the mix of styles but this is a trend that has come to stay and that gives a truly stunning touch to any space. Mix styles of furniture with the style of architecture. Join contemporary furniture with more traditional furniture, antique Moroccan rugs, African benches and contemporary art. Retrieve old pieces and mix them with custom couches. Turn your living room into a timeless space.


7 – Room Too Perfect


We all know someone who has an immaculate living room. So perfect that no one even dares to try the comfort of the couch. If you can relate to this and you don’t use your living room because you have fear of damaging the furniture or destroying the perfect location, be aware that there are some options on the market that can help you, such as special pets and children’s fabrics, for example. That way you will be able to truly enjoy family moments, free of fears.


Know any more mistakes you can tell us? Share with us in the comments.

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