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Nowadays, getting a home with good areas can become a real challenge. Therefore, the need arises to make the most of small spaces, avoiding some common mistakes when decorating. Decorating an apartment or house with small areas, although more usual nowadays – especially in younger age groups – can be much simpler than you think.

Today, I leave you with a few mistakes that you should avoid when starting your home décor if you want it to look much larger than it actually is.


1 – Use to much dark colors

The dark colors are elegant and convey some glamor to the spaces. However, when we talk about small spaces, dark colors should be used carefully so as not to make the areas more loaded and even smaller than they already are. The goal is the opposite. So, use lighter colors. Whites and nudes are an excellent option for you and will make the areas larger and lighter. Still, if you really like these more intense tones, we suggest you to choose only one of the walls of your house or invest in accessories.


2 – Don’t think about the dimensions of furniture

Before buying the furniture of your home, keep in mind the dimensions and volume of the pieces of furniture you will acquire. Be aware of the square footage of each room and choose the pieces taking that aspect into account. Functionality is the key. Don’t overload divisions with too many parts. Think of the essentials and the simplicity. Let your home breathe and walk on it freely and carefree.

As we mentioned in our last article, something quite smart is bet on functional and versatile furniture. There are lots of options on the market, such as cabinets that turn into work desks, for example. They are great options for small spaces.


3 – Fill the house with Accessories

Small environments should be functional and therefore should not use too much accessories. Remember, less is more. An accessory that you can use and abuse in your small house are the mirrors. In addition to being able to find dazzling mirrors, these have the gift of opening the spaces and illusorily make them larger and wider.


4 – Short Curtains

This is a very common mistake in decorating small spaces that should eliminate already. Almost no one thinks of the curtains at the time of decoration, but the truth is that they can even transform a space. Use long, light colored curtains, such as white or beige, and try to place the curtain rod or enclosure as high and as close to the ceiling as possible. No doubt it will transform your small house into a beautiful and spacious mansion. Try it.


5 – Different types of floor

Many types of flooring cut out environments and create the feeling that space is even smaller. Put an equal floor in all the divisions of your house and you will be able to prove that it will give amplitude without delimiting the space.


6 – Do not bet on large and integrated spaces

The elimination of walls optimizes the space and confers visual amplitude. If the structure allows, integrate several divisions of your house. It will create the feeling that you are in an absolutely bigger house than you are in reality. And that’s the goal, is not it?


Know any more mistake to avoid or trick to adopt that you want to share with us? Share with us in the comments.

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