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The bedroom is a space for you to relax and renew your energies. So, it’s important that it is really lined up with your taste, so that you can feel well, serene and in peace. If you’re considering to decorate your bedroom, give it that “refresh” that you want for so long, there are a few important steps which I ask you to read before you start.


Step 1: gather inspiration

This is a fundamental step. Decoration’s first step is research. Use magazines, decoration sites and Pinterest to get inspiration. Keep the images and ideas you like more in a file, so that you can review whenever necessary (and get inspired).

I suggest you keep only bedroom images, because your taste can be very differ much according to each room, and that can confuse you a bit at time of choosing decoration, and all necessary elements for it.


Step 2: use what you have

List the things you would like to have in your bedroom. On the other hand, take note of all the things you already have. With that list, in case something is not needed, think how can you reutilize them, or, if you don’t want them anymore, think how to sell or even give them away.

I give you a small list of items you might need, taking in consideration that they are simply suggestions and that you can always opt by other:


– bed or platform

– mattress

– pillows and bedspread/”edredon”

– head bed tables

– lamps

– cabinets or other similar furniture

– cloth closet

– coach or other item where you can sit, besides the bed

– decoration details, like photos, art, wall paper

– rugs


Now that you have your inspiration research made – which was the first step I left you – and have your list of essentials, associate to each point of same list, one or more of the images you have picked. With this simple exercise, you will be able to visualize your new decoration, thus being easier to make up a decision, before you go to shopping, painting and so on.


Step 3: have in consideration your limitations and circumstances

Prior to start your decoration, it’s important to consider three essential points:


1. Timming – think well about the time you are going to have to use this space. Have you just bought a house/apartment or is it possibly a temporary place?

Considering the commitment you have with this space, your buying decisions will be more conscientious. Will it be the ideal time? Even if you aren’t sure of it now, I imagine that you already have a perception at medium future. So, plan your buying and your project taking that in consideration, but don’t let it down just because you don’t have idea for how long you will stay. Simply be more conscientious on your buying, planning well.

2. Budget – make a budget, but don’t allow it to avoid putting your project in action. It’s important to discover first want you want, and then make it work according to your budget. The key is to discover and define exactly what you want, and then to adapt.

3. Space and organization – Where do you keep your belongings in this moment? Are you using that space in an efficient way, which you could use otherwise? Think about it.


Step 4: define your personal style of decoration

Take some time to define the decoration style more adequate to your fondness and your way of being and stand. I suggest that, now that you have that inspiring images file, to choose two of the styles you like more, and go on adding more similar images to each one. Soon as you understand well what you like, it will be easier to opt for a style and begin the decoration process.


Step 5: Choice of a basic color

In this case, you can opt for sure choosing more neutral colors or risk somewhat and be more daring. The choice is definitely yours. The most important is that you feel well in what will be your relaxation space. My suggestion is that you don’t abuse in the number of colors or its intensity, so that tranquility reigns and you can recharge batteries in a most efficient way.


It will be unbelievable to have finally a room incorporating all your favorite things, creating a cozy and warming space.


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