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Our home is an extension of what we are. The way we decorate and dispose of all our things reflects our essence, and everything we do between those walls also ends up defining and influencing our motivation, productivity, and the way we approach life.

Scientific studies show that adjusting only to the little habits and routines of our dailly life can have a real impact on our happiness and feel that we are in control of our lives.

Some little tricks can really make a difference. You will feel happier and more comfortable at home, and consequently outside of it too. You will feel yourself walking on clouds, as if a light and fragrant breath of fresh air would see you through the window every day. Just adopt these small healthy habits consistently:


1 – Make your bed every day

Many successful people have a daily habit of making their beds because they believe it is the first step to achieving grandiose things. This key habit, as many call them, works as a catalyst for other good habits. Create new habits and structures and make the bed every day before leaving home.


2 – Keep rooms organized and clean

Disorder and mess are known to cause stress and, on the other side of the coin, order and organization bring peace and well-being. In our previous article on organization we talked about exactly that: an organized environment helps us to keep our minds organized as well. Organized, clean and healthy. The room, specifically, is a place for relaxation and rest. If we think about it, it becomes easier to see what we should keep at it. Try to use these divisions only for the rest and free of distracting objects. Keep your things always in the same places and do not leave clothes scattered. You will see that sleep time will become much more refreshing.


3 – Positive Memories

One of the reasons why experiences and their memories make us happier than material things is because of the whole cycle of pleasure they give us: to plan the experience, to wait for it, to enjoy and then to remember. Make your home a gallery of positive memories. Decorate it with photos and objects that carry you to those moments where you were truly happy and whenever you look at them you will feel immense joy as if you had strolled a bit through the past.


4 – Create a Sanctuary

Create a “sanctuary” in your home and give your mind a place to rest and recharge. It does not have to be a whole room. It could be a reading nook, a chaise lounge in a strategic location or even a small spa in your bathroom, as we have shown you can do in a previous article.

Use bright, yet soft colors, such as sage and soft velvet-like textures. Also opt for warm light and curved lines in patterns and objects instead of straight lines. Some studies show that we prefer curved lines, since right angles are perceived by us as threats. Create this special space in your home to help you feel at peace.


5 – Invite a friend

Invite a friend or family member every day to visit you, whether for dinner or tea. We human beings are social beings, and many studies show that even when it seems we do not feel like it, socializing with the people we love most makes us feel better.


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