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Now that the gray days are coming to an end, it’s time to bring into your home the light and color of the new season: the much-desired spring.

We know that making a complete change in your home can be challenging, but by making some small changes, you will feel a breath of fresh air immediately.

It’s time to put away your heavy fabrics and dark accessories and bring out lighter and brighter looks into your home.

Today we leave you with some tricks – inspired by the new spring trends – to apply in your new interior design project.


Clear and Bright Colors

Spring is the time of rebirth, of renewal, and of color, of light and life. Therefore, the interior of your home should transmit the same. Put away some of the dark colors that were so cozy in the winter and replace them with brighter colors. More alive! Replace browns, blacks and golds, with whites, pastels and bright primary colors. There are several easy ways to add color to a home.


Lighter Fabrics

Wool, fake fur, knits and other winter fabrics should be kept away for the cold months. Replace them now with lighter fabrics with brighter colors. Bet also on the colorful patterns of spring, on your cushions, rugs, wallpapers… Use the imagination! If you use a neutral base tone, you’ll be able to easily match the vibrant colors of the new station.



Now that the days are drier, the paintings become easier and more appealing. If you have a few days off and some extra motivation, consider repainting one of the areas of your home in a more vibrant tone. It can be a completely new color or just a lighter shade of the current color. The difference can be really amazing and if you decide that you don’t like it, you can always change it. Get inspired in Pantone’s New Color of the Year: Living Coral. Without a doubt, an incredible color to use in the new season, whether on your walls, furniture or the accessories of your home.



When someone talks about spring, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Flowers! Use and abuse them in the new interior decoration of your home. The flowers are great for illuminating flat surfaces. No matter what color or variety, any flower will bring life to a space. What’s particularly good and unique about flowers is that all colors and combinations work well together, so it’s a great way to experience colors that you wouldn’t normally use.



A simple but very effective way to make an update this spring is to change the lampshades that are spread around your home. There are lampshades of all sizes, colors and patterns, so it will not be difficult to find something fun that works with your space. Alternatively, if you want a more marked (or different) change, you can add a ribbon around the perimeter of the lower and/or upper shade of the lamp. Small details that make the difference and give a special and personalized touch.



The change of curtains has a great impact on the whole area in which they are. Replace your heavy curtains with new curtains with bright and colorful tones. And remember one of the secrets of curtains we’ve shared in previous articles: the taller and longer they are, the wider the space will look.



In the months of spring and summer, less is more. Then, store some of your accessories. Try replacing some of your heavier accessories, such as dark wooden boxes and golden candlesticks, with clear jars and lightly colored elements. If you like candles in the decor, replace the dark ones with white or ivory candles. Change all accessories that remind you of winter and bring more color and life to your home.


Whether it’s the decoration of your first home or the renovation of the house where you have been living for a long time, change is always something truly exciting. And you can do it in small things, with little touches.

Are you going to try any of the tips we left you? We really loved to know which one you think to start with. Share with us in the comments.

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