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29 January, 2019

The living room of our homes is that magical place where the whole family gets together and where various stories and everyday adventures are told between movies, blankets and unexpected naps. For this reason, this sacred area of our home must be meticulously created, combining beauty with the best of comforts. But perfect conjugations are […]


17 January, 2019

Its name is Living Coral and promises to shine in 2019. After the Ultra Violet that marked 2018 as the color of the year and one of the colors of the palette, Pantone revealed the color of this new year, which is born from a deep inspiration in the notorious growth of new technologies and […]


7 January, 2019

The beginning of the new year has come and with it the real opportunity to transform the walls of your office, with the new trends. An environment perfectly designed according to the objectives, tastes, and needs of all elements of the company, is an environment that provides motivation, commitment, and a contagious comfort and well-being. […]